Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Last pictures from PA and Spring Break

Mat's sister's Jess and Teen visited us while we were at his parent's house.  Jess is PRE-baby in these photos (obviously).  As you see from my post a few days ago, little Olive has arrived safe and sound.  My sister in law, Teen, has officially announced that she is pregnant and due in November.  Those babies just keep coming!  By year's end, Mat and I will have 14 nieces/nephews.  Amazing.  I always wanted to be a part of a big family.

Enjoy the photos!

Arlington and Aunt Jessie a few days before Olive's arrival.  Doesn't Jess look amazing?
 Jess still wanted to have kids after spending all day with these three hoodlums.
 My niece, R.  She is 4 1/2 and turning into quite the young lady.  She is a cutie.  She had a fever, but she was still a spunky little girl!
 R and Pappy watching "Frozen"
 My soon to be Sister in Law, Allison.  I am so glad that Mat's brother, Zac, has found someone to spend the rest of his life with.  We absolutely adore her, and I am glad I won't be the only sister-in-law among the girls any more!  This is a big year in the Pletcher family - 3 babies and a wedding.
 R and Finley discussing "Frozen"
 My 16 month old niece, A, was hysterical.  She kept bringing Cainan this baby for him to feed.  He was a good sport about it.

 Arlington loved hanging with little A.  I think she is about ready to babysit.  She was really good with her.

 My kids and Teen's kids.  J is my 2 year old nephew - Teen's current middle child..

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This is great that your family is getting bigger! Love the pictures Jennifer!

Friend, Shayla