Thursday, May 8, 2014

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Spring sports have started.  Cainan is playing baseball this year, and Arlington her beloved softball.   They have been playing for a few weeks (yes it is TOO cold for ball) but we took some pictures at the their games this past week.


Arlington getting ready to bat.  Notice her outfit.  Her uniform is under all......that.  Somewhere.  It is cold, so she had her jacket on.  This year the girls have shorts for their uniform bottoms,which makes me sad.  We have about every color of ball pants they make now, and I thought we were good - and they switched to shorts.
 Up to Bat.

 She got a hit and was on base.
 Running in style.  If you can't tell, her socks are zebra stripes.
 Cainan played 2nd base this time.  It took him three innings before I finally called him over and told him that he didn't have to stand ON the base.
 He has the stance down.  He is a good little boy - the other boys play in the dirt and hit each other with their gloves, but he is all business.  Until his mind wanders.  Then he gets hit with a ball.....
 Up to bat.  He got two hits!!  Very proud.  He is TERRIFIED of the ball hitting him, so he swings......slowly.  He will be a bunter.

 He got to first base!
 He scored a run!


Anonymous said...


Wow great job kids! Sports are a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful mother like you Jennifer!

Anonymous said...


Happy Sunday! God bless always!

Friend , Shayla