Thursday, May 1, 2014

Return from Spring Break

We returned from the kid's spring break this past Tuesday.  We had a nice long break, and then a short school week, so not so bad.  I will share some pictures over the next few days, so you don't have overload!

Let's see - what should I start with?  How about the science center.  We did that on our third day of our trip.  Mat didn't join us in Pennsylvania until the weekend, so my parents helped me take the kids there.  They had a blast!

Oops - I just realized - I forgot to post Easter morning pictures!  I will do that tomorrow.


Cainan could have spent all day in the model train area.

 Checking out a robot that will deliver labs and medicines in the hospital

 Finley thought the space toilet was hilarious

 building a bridge out of foam blocks
 Playing in the water
 Destroying Cainan's bridge

 Getting ready to be lifted in the air and pretend she is working in space

 Getting ready for the Planetarium show
 pretending she is working in space

 Huge Operation game

 Finley and Cainan wanted to race

 Cainan won
 Balancing on a skateboard

 waiting in line for the roller coaster simulation ride.

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Anonymous said...

May 2nd 204

Happy May! I love the pictures- science centers are so cool!

Thanks for sharing!

Friend, Shayla