Friday, October 31, 2014

Last day for October's One for a Million Prizes

We are wrapping up our first month in our One for a Million Campaign for our RDH12 Foundation.

It has been a successful first month, and we hope it continues to grow as time goes along.   We have a lot of money to raise, so consider helping us achieve our goal.

This month you are able to win one of two prizes:

We have a wall hanging with the word Vision in print and braille
 or this month's keychain which is Massachusetts.

Each month the prizes will change, but will be similar, so collect them all!  How do you get one you wonder?  Well - you can either donate $20 or more, or do some of our contest on our page to earn 200 points!

Visit  now and click the big red button that says DONATE and help us today!

1 comment:

Shayla McCartney said...

I'm sorry I won't be able to send money :(

I do wish you gods blessings for a cure of LCA

Shayla M.