Saturday, October 25, 2014

Monthly Giveaway for One for a Million

We are nearing the end of our first month of our One for a Million Campaign.  It has been a successful month and we hope the momentum continues.  We have a lot of money to raise, and we need YOU!

Each month, we have a give away.  You qualify for the give away if you give $20 or more, or you earn 200 points in our contest.  Or both!

Here is what you can win for the month of October.  You get to pick ONE:

The first is a wall hanging.  We will be doing a different word each month, and the words can then be strung together to make an amazing wall hanging of inspriational sayings.  Fist month's square says "Vision"
 Your other choice is a keychain.  We will be changing the state each month to represent all the states where our kids live.  (and countries too - we have a lot of international kids as well!)  The first month is MA.  You will want to collect them all!

So get over to our website today.  Only 1 more week left to win one of these amazing give aways and help us get closer to that million dollars.


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Happy Halloween!!! :D

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Can't wait to see the spooky pictures of this year :)

have a great time Arlington, Finley and Cainen :•)

friend Shayla