Thursday, October 9, 2014

World Sight Day

Today is World Sight Day

From a mother who has a child who is going blind, I am here to beg you to protect your eyes.  Wear Sunglasses outside EVERY DAY.  Even in the winter.  Wear protective eye gear when you are working.  (including mowing the lawn).  There are so many ways to harm your eyes, and it can happen in an instant.

We would give anything for Finley to have good vision.  Think of her and protect your eyes.  You only get one set, so keep them healthy!


Unknown said...

Dear Miss Jennifer,
I am on vacation in Arizona this week and I wear sun glasses all the time because it's so bright I have trouble seeing :( it's scary so I kind of understand how Finley feels.
I also have risk for retinal detachment because of past ROP but when I went to the eye doctor he said my retinas are stable I am glad of that. I only pray that one day very soon LCA can be cured to stop blindness :(
I think about Finley when I see a sunset of pretty flower

Unknown said...

as well as other kids who can't see ok like preemies, school kids, adults and older people-- it can happen to anyone at any age, that's why I care too.

Also, there is something I would like to tell you, it's a little awkward but I feel as you are sharing Finleys story with me and other people I will tell only your family something.... Umm...
well... as of 2012 I am a suspect for NA glaucoma :(
I have a chance of developing it as I age. I pray I NEVER have it.
anyway... I am still praying for Finley and kids like her, she is such a beauty!!

God Bless!
friend, Shayla

Unknown said...

peace be with you god be for you!