Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas day 2014

Another Christmas day is winding down.  I cannot believe how fast it has come and gone.  We had a great day starting at a not too early time this morning.

The kids had a great time, and we spent the rest of the day relaxing - just the 5 of us.  We will be seeing family next week, but today was quiet.  We stayed in our pajamas most of the day, ate junk food, and watched movies.

Mat and I didn't do presents to each other this year - we decided we are going to take the kids on a trip to NYC over spring break instead.

Enjoy the pictures!  There are a lot of them because these are for the grandparent's sake:

Waiting on the steps to come downstairs and see what Santa brought:
 Cainan's stash.  From Santa he got one big lego, a DS game, a few skylanders, a movie, some books, and some treats
 Finley's stash.  From Santa she got Shopkins sets, books, a DS game, art supplies, and some treats:
 Arlington's stash.  From santa she got her phone (yes she did), some How to Train Your Dragon figures, some books and clothes and some treats:
 Finley checking out her new books:
 Going through her stocking:
 Cainan going through his skylanders:
 Finley going through an American Girl backpack
 Cainan going through his stocking:
 Finley got something called Shopkins from Santa - which she loves.  They are little tiny food shaped rubber toys with faces on them.  Weird - but whatever:

 She got a stuffed Olaf from Arlington
 Cainan's legos from the Hicks family:
 Finley got a My Littlest Pet Shop figure from Arlington:
 Cainan got a Voldemort figure from Finley:
 Arlington got a How to Train Your Dragon figure from Finley:
 Arlington got a Skelanimal dressed as Flash from Cainan:
 Finley got a My Little Pony set from Cainan:
 Finley got a My Littlest Pet Shop London set from Cainan:
 Cainan got a Baymax figure from Finley:
 Arlington got a label maker from Finley.  She has been labeling the whole house all day:
 Finley gave Cainan a pineapple drinking glass.  The joke with this is - she called him "Pineapple" all the time.  We have no idea why.  She thinks it is funny, and Cainan hates it.  But he thought this was pretty funny:
 Cainan got a Hagrid lego figure from Finley.  Since he loves Harry Potter, but the sets are all retired (and so expensive) - we went with a few characters.
 Finley got a Monster High hair set from the Kelly family:
he got a stack of books from the Kelly's:

 Cainan got a Monsuno toy from the Kelly family
 Cainan got a Brain Games book from the Kelly's.
 Scooby tried to get around my crate fortress I set up to keep him out of the living room.  He was not please:
 Cainan got a game from the Kelly family.  We can't wait to try it:
 Arlington got a quotes book from the Kelly's.  Wonder was one of her favorite books (and that is saying a lot because she hates to read):
 Arlington got a giant notepad from the Kelly family.  They totally know her - this was great because it had owls all over it:
 Cainan got a Lego movie set from the Ting family:
 Finley got an Amelia Bedelia book set from the Tings:
 My littlest pet shop toys from the Ting family:
 Arlington got a Justice gift card from the Ting family.  She can't wait to go shopping tomorrow:
 Cainan got a Lego movie lego from us.  I think. :)  He also got Plants vs Zombies xbox game:
 Finley got Pokemon cards from the Hicks:
 Arlington got a sad eyes puppy from the Hicks:
 Finley asked for another Eeyore (her favorite Disney animal) for Christmas.  We found this cute little one at Hallmark:
 Cainan's big lego from us.  He has already put it together:
 This girl loves My Littlest Pet Shop, so we got her a few of those:

Arlington is playing basketball again this year and loving it.  She needed a bigger ball.  She also has a Claire's gift card taped to the top - which is what she REALLY wanted:
 This is a picture of an item that I cannot find.  My guess is I never ordered it, but thought I did.  So we will go and get it tomorrow.  It is Batman 3 DS game:
 Arlington's favorite movie is How to Train Your  Dragon.  This is a figure from that movie:
 More Pokemon cards:
 Scooby giving jail break another try.  He just ended up stuck:
 Arlington's Grumpy Cat stuffed animal.  It also has a collar that says "No".  Perfect.
 Arlington's Baymax Pop:
Arlington's favorite new toy.  Fits her perfectly.  Grumpy cat with a "No" collar.
 Cainan lounging on the couch:
 Dinner time!  That is our Jesse tree in the background:

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I love the pictures! Merry Christmas & happy new year 2015!