Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Decorating the Tree

This year, we had Mat's parents in visiting when it was time to trim the Christmas tree.  It was nice to have someone else to share the memory with.  I love taking out the ornaments - all marked with the year they were received and whom they belong to.  The kids love that part too.  Someday, they will take all of their ornaments with them to decorate their own trees.

Here are a few pictures - enjoy!

 Finley was in charge of the Angel this year.  Gramma was a little nervous, so she helped.

 Each year we pick a family ornament.  This year we went with bears.  We have a Black Bear that lives in our small town, and so this is courtesy of him.


Unknown said...

I want to keep reading your blogs I enjoy hearing how life is going I think your kids are awesome!!!

Have a merry Christmas and that's such a cute picture of Finley! :)

Unknown said...

I've followed you all such a long time and I want to keep finding out about your adventures both setbacks and triumphs alike it's an amazing life your family has and your family is dear to my heart and I appriciate you all sharing it with me!

Friend Shayla
Happy new year too!! :D god bless!!

Unknown said...

I really like your Christmas tree! Beautiful! :)

take take!