Friday, December 26, 2014


Arlington has a new accessory

A few weeks ago, she fell in gym, and bent her hand back.  She didn't have any swelling or bruising, so the doctor thought it was just a sprain/strain or a muscle pull.  She wore a brace but she has still been complaining that it hurts a lot.

So I made her an appointment to see an orthopedic doctor.  He knows her well.  She broke her foot earlier this year, and then hurt her knee - she she and he are good friends.  He is amazing, and very kind, so I knew he would want to see her to just make sure.

He took some x-rays (which I probably should have insisted on earlier with this situation, but I am a nurse and I tend to believe she is faking) and he said it looks like her growth plate had separated.  He thinks she also had a small break that is healed a bit poorly, hence the continued pain.  So he thought the best course of action was a cast for a few weeks.

At first - this option seemed exciting to Arlington.  She picked the purple color, and seemed fine.  But as the day wore on, it has become less fun for her.  It is heavy.  It hurts.  It itches.  She has been teary for an hour and insists I cut it off.  Right now.

So - 3 weeks of fun lie ahead for her.  She cannot play basketball.  We are unsure about Hip Hop class.  But what can you do?



Anonymous said...

12-27-2014 oh,'m sorry Arlington :( feel better


Unknown said...

Happy New year!!

from: Shayla! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi hope you are all good Shayla