Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cape Cod Weekend

Over our 4 day Labor Day weekend, Mat and I took the kids - and my parents - to Cape Cod for the weekend.  A friend of mine has a house there and graciously let us borrow it for our long weekend.

We had a fabulous time.  We slept in, spent long days on the beach, visited Provincetown, saw the oldest lighthouse on Cape Cod, and ate delicious food.  It was a great time.

Enjoy the pictures:  (there are a lot of them)

I could sit here every day.  Well.....until it snows on me:
 Kids on the beach.  The weather was beautiful every day we were there:
 My mom discovering how cold the water was:
 Lots of seagulls every day.  I even saw one take a sandwich right out of a guy's hand:
 Digging in the sand:

 This one tried to get in our foodbag
 Finley loved the boogie board:
 Relaxing in the Hammock at the house after the ocean:
 Cainan in the kid's house:

 Dinner our first night there was at a really cute Hot Dog Stand:
 Followed by ice cream:
 Followed by board games and a movie:
 Second day there we went to Provincetown to look at the shops and spend the day:

 This is the Provincetown Library.  It is beautiful and it has a surprise on the Kid's books floor:
 The surprise was a giant boat!

 Finley on the beach in Provincetown:

 Pilgrim tower:
 On our way home we stopped at the Highlands Lighthouse - the oldest one on Cape Cod

 A Little hammock time after our day in Provincetown:
 Followed by Smores:

 Third day and fourth days was all about the beach.  We were there for 5 hours on Sunday and 4 hours on Monday:

Then we went out for dinner.  Lobster dinner:

 Followed by ice cream:

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