Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Picture Day and other happenings

Today was picture day for Finley and Cainan.  I felt that since I haven't posted pictures on the blog for a little while, I should probably do that so the grandparents see that they are still alive.

Things are going pretty well with the start of school.  Activities and homework are in full swing.  We are busy every day now.  Gone are the slow days of summer where we could decide when and where to go and be.  Now we are in the thick of schedules and homework.

Arlington is in the 7th grade and the homework has ramped up.  She has quite a bit each night, but she is managing it just fine.  She is participating in the school musical again this year (it is Suessical the Musical) and even scored a little bit part.  That takes up her Monday and Thursday afternoons and is keeping her busy.  She is enjoying all of her teachers this year and seems to have a nice mix of kids in her classes, so we are off to a good start.

Cainan is in 3rd grade and has been enjoying it so far.  Cainan is all about routine, and he has a terrific teacher this year that is uber organized.  She is a perfect fit.  There is quite a bit more work in 3rd grade, but he is handling it well.  He has gotten used to using a school planner to write his homework in so that he doesn't miss anything each night.  We have a nice system set up and he is thriving.

He recently got a purple belt in Karate and is so excited.  He was quite nervous for this step, but he did the test and passed.  We are very proud of him.  He is in karate class two times a week and is also participating in a sparring class this year.  It will keep him plenty busy.

Finley is our busiest child as usual.  3rd grade is off to a good start this year.  She had a good couple of weeks, with only one hiccup.  She was feeling a little under the weather so she fought me on going to school.  I had visions of all of those days during her first year of 2nd grade where she fought us at least once a week on going to school.  Hopefully she will stay steady and confident and will have a good year.  We are dealing with a new teacher and a new school, so I know that gives her some anxiety.  We are going to meet with the teacher this Friday to see how she feels the first bit of school has gone and answer any questions she may have.  She has braille 4 times a week at school, an orientation and movement class one time a week (cane training) and physical therapy 1 time a week.  Lots of stuff going on during the school day.

Finley is in a dance class (ballet, tap, jazz), an acro class and is taking horse back riding this fall.  So she is very busy.  She has some low tone issues with her diagnosis, so these types of activities really help strengthen her muscles.  She loves the horse back the most, and is enjoying the different dance classes.  The horse back will be year round because they have an indoor rink, so I will be anxious to see what she thinks of it once we get to next summer.

A little catch up!

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