Wednesday, September 2, 2015

First Day of School

This year, School started on a Wednesday.  The kids only had two days of school the first two days, and then a 4 day weekend.  Don't even ask - it's not worth it.

They were excited to start.  Arlington is in her second year of middle school and a big 7th grader now.  That is hard to believe.  I have very clear memories of my time as a 7th grader, and now I have a child that age.  Too much.

Finley and Cainan started 3rd grade.  They are in different classrooms, but it is nice to have them in the same grade and the same school.  They moved to the upper elementary school this year (grades 3-5 are in their own building), and were excited because this school has lockers!

We went to visit Finley and Cainan's teachers before the beginning of school and they got to see their desks and their lockers, which was fun.  And we got to turn in all the stuff they needed to supply for the year.

Enjoy the pictures from the school visit and the first day of school.

Finley sitting at her new desk:
 Finley and her 1:1 aide Mrs. Sturtz.  Whom we love:
 Cainan at his desk:
 Finley at her locker.  We started decorating it - pink of course.
 Cainan in front of his locker.
Arlington on her first day of 7th grade.

 Finley on her first day of 3rd grade:

 Cainan's first day of 3rd grade:

 My virtual twins

 Finley with Porter

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