Friday, January 15, 2016

Vacation Day 11 which was a total bummer

Our first full day in San Diego.  After a good 12 hours of sleep, we got up to start our day.  Our plan for this day was to drive around and show the kids where we used to live, go to the Gliderport in La Jolla, then on to Coronado Island, and then to La Jolla Cove to see the seals.

The day started off great.  There was some wind at the Gliderport, so we got to see a few people take off.  We then spent some time climbing around on the rocks before heading back to the car.

This is where the trouble began.  As we approached the car we noticed that the window in the back seat had been broken.  We ran over and noticed that the back seat had been pulled down.  There was glass everywhere.  And what was missing was my purse.

I had stupidly decided I didn't want to take it with me, and decided to put it in the trunk  We locked the car, and thought because it was out of sight, it was safe.  Someone must have seen me do it.  We weren't gone that long, and the parking lot was full of cars - ours the only one disturbed.  They didn't take the GPS and didn't riffle through our beach bags - they went right for the purse.

The kids were so upset.  We felt terrible.  We called the police, and filed a report.  Cleaned up the glass and laid down blankets so we could ride back to the condo.  We called everyone - stopped all our credit cards, bank cards, turned off my phone.  (yes, my phone was in there too).  And Finley's glasses were in there too.  And my license.  It was bad.  Very bad.

We canceled our plans for the day and went back to the condo.  The kids were good about playing with their electronics so we could make all of our phone calls.  Luckily Mat had a bank card and credit card on him that were different than mine, so we weren't at a total loss.  But my ID.....and flying home......ugh.

We got a new rental car, and while Arlington and Mat did that, I took Finley and Cainan to the local beach to at least try to save some of the day.  We had a good time splashing around and playing in the sand for a little while.

Then we went to dinner at a favorite restaurant of ours when we used to live there - Souplantation.  The kids were talkative about the incident during dinner, and we let them.  I think they felt better to just talk it over and what it meant.

What a mess.  It definitely put a wet blanket over our vacation.
The first street we lived on in CA
 Our first apartment in San Diego.  We lived in Del Mar

 Our first house.  Also in Del Mar.  This was Arlington's first home
 Where Arlington was born
 Mat's place of employment - GNF
 At the Glider port

 Arlington wanted to make her arms look like they were sitting on the horizon
 Broken window.  Stupid criminals
 The beach in Del Mar

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