Sunday, January 17, 2016

Vacation Day 12

This day was a day to try and recover from the break in.  Today we went to the famous San Diego Wild Animal Park.  The weather was cool, so it was perfect because the animals were out and about.

We spent several hours here - took the train to see the animals out on the land.  And then walked around the zoo before heading out.

Our last stop was La Jolla Cove to see the seals and have dinner.  Since that got canceled the day before, I knew the kids would really enjoy seeing it.  You can actually get right next to the seals on the beach.  We thought this was so fun.

Enjoy the pictures

open land at the Animal Park
 They were still decorated for Christmas
 Lazy cheetah
 strange animal we met at a show

 This was obviously the gorilla in charge.  He gathered up all the food and took it to his own corner.


 This was the lookout.  If someone would get too close he would growl and throw snot at you

 Cool tree in La Jolla

 Exploring the cove

 We found a art studio that had a ton of Dr. Suess art
 Listening for Whos
 Finley searching for her house
 One of our favorite places when we used to live in San Diego

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