Friday, January 8, 2016

Vacation day 4

December 26th - today we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center.  Mat and I went to a Luau and show here when we visited Hawaii 17 years ago, so we wanted to take the kids.

The Cultural Center is nice because you buy one ticket and it gets you into the center, the Luau and the show.  At the center are replicas of all of the Polynesian islands, and where you can learn about their traditions and see demonstrations.  Most of the time you can also participate in the demonstrations, which is what the kids loved.  We had a great time spending the day there and learning about the different islands.

At 5:30, the Luau started.  It is a big dinner with a variety of foods from the different islands.  You sit at tables all in a big room and they put one a small show while you eat.  The show is cute and is a great taste for the grand show of the evening.  We saw a kid about Arlington's age do a whole show with fire, which was really impressive.

At 7:30, the night show began.  We are grateful to the Cultural Center for working with us when we bought our tickets so that Finley could sit close and see.  We ordered our tickets over the summer, and they were able to give us front row seats, which was perfect.  (and we didn't have to sell a kidney to sit there)  The show as amazing, and lasted until 9pm.  We had a great time, and when we ask the kids, they said this was one of their favorite things we did on our trip.

Enjoy the pictures.  We were not allowed to take pictures during the show, so just trust me that is was fantastic, and if you ever go to Oahu, check it out.

We didn't need to be at the Cultural center until 12pm, so we did a morning swim first:

 Getting ready to watch the Parade of boats on the water:
 All the islands had their own boat and did a dance on the boat.  I was the most impressed with the poor guy that had to do all the rowing.
 Finley and Mat trying a Poe Ball routine.

 Finley decided to get a temporary tattoo at one of the stations.  This one would mean she was the Queen!

 A giant boat from Fiji

 Cainan wanted to try this demonstration in Marquesas.  He was pretty good at it!  You throw the pointed stick and aim for the target:

 Arlington and Cainan got "Strength" tattoos

 We all got Leis before the Luau
 The pig from the Luau roast.  Finley and Arlington wouldn't look at it
 Our table at the Luau
 What I chose for dinner.  Taro roll, rice, teriyaki beef, salmon and pork sushi, salad and an oyster.  For dessert I chose guava cake, coconut chocolate cake, and pineapple bars.
 Our seats at the show
 We could touch the stage with our feet
 Polynesian Santa

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