Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Well, Monday was the surgery and it was a success. We got to the hospital at 6:15 am, and we hoped we would go to surgery soon after that, yet it was 9:50 am before Cainan was taken to the OR. He was a good boy and just played while we waited. The surgery lasted until 11:30 - much quicker than we thought. Dr. Stelnicki said everything went really well and that it was a little bit of a challenge because the cleft was large, but he was able to close it. We were taken to the recovery room around 12pm, and stayed there until 2pm when his room was ready. He was in the PICU on Monday until today because he needed to be on the monitor and be monitored closely. His tongue is REALLY swollen, which you will see from the pictures, and because of that, they had to put a stitch in it to keep it from slipping back and blocking his airway. I am sure that was the most uncomfortable thing, to have such a swollen tongue. He was pretty miserable all day Monday - just not himself and didn't want to stay awake. He was very irritable and the nurses told us that the more surgeries kids have, the longer it takes for them to recover from anesthesia. It is showing because he just doesn't have any pep. He had a good night and slept all night and had pain medicine just to keep him comfortable. He went to bed around 7pm, and got up around 6:30pm. He was disturbed a few times over night by the nurse, but he barely woke up for that.
Today he is a little more himself, but still doesn't want to do much. We did get released from the PICU and are on a regular floor. We even went to the playroom for a little while which he enjoyed. We were hoping to go home today, but Dr. Stelnicki wants him to stay one more night. His tongue is still really swollen so he wants to wait until tomorrow morning. That is fine - we figured we were staying two nights. Since my mom is with me this time, the days don't seem as long.
So that is our story. We are waiting to have a CT scan so that the doctor can make sure all is well with his palate repair. Then we will have a peaceful evening. We have our own room and it is HUGE and wonderful! We love not having to share. My mom is going to stay with Cainan overnight tonight and I am going to stay at the clubhouse. Even though Cainan slept all night, I slept about 2 hours because our roommate's little girl crieds from 8pm-4am because her mom had let her sleep all day. It was miserable. Thank goodness Cainan was able to sleep through it!
Here are a few pictures.


Joanne said...

So glad the surgery went well - you were all on my mind! I hope you have a good nights rest tonight ~ you really must need it ~ also hope the swelling goes down and Cainan is feeling more like himself.

E R I C A said...

I'm happy to hear that the surgery was a success. Poor Cainan, I hope the swelling in his tongue goes down.


Anonymous said...

Poor little guy Ain't nothing easy. Nanny