Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday good news

Hi all! Today's post will be kind of short because Mat and I need to spend the evening discussing Christmas presents for the kids. Lots of shopping in our future!!!

Everything is going well. Cainan is back to his old self. Being a good boy and a lot of fun. He is really getting lively. Babbling a ton, and we said goodbye to the bibs for good! (except for meals, of course) He is no longer drooling, and that surgery was worth every bit just for that alone! Yeah! It is nice to go out without a bib. Slowly he will get rid of his "gear".

Cainan had his doctor appointment today with the surgeon. Today was follow up from his surgery 2 weeks ago. The surgeon was VERY pleased with his palate. Looks like the little hole we thought he had closed itself, and now his palate is completely in tact. It looks great, and we were cleared for him to return to daycare and to eat whatever he wants! Yeah! He had chicken nuggets for dinner to celebrate and I never saw him eat so fast! We don't need to see the surgeon again until February and at that time they will start injecting his lip to soften to tissue to get him ready for his lip and nose revision he will have next summer. So that was a huge success. He also had a helmet appointment today and the helmet person thought that another month/month and a half and he will be done with the helmet as well. Another victory! She hasn't see much change since the last appointment which probably means that his head is reaching the end of the growth it is going to do, so that is when she decides the helmet is done. We don't have to see her for another 3 weeks and then we will know more about when we will be done with that.

The girls are doing great. Both were at school today while Cainan had his appointments and we did some Christmas shopping. Finley now says the word "no". Fun fun! She says it A LOT. No to everything. Great. She is saying "cracker" better and is working on saying "brother". That is a hard one. I know what she is saying, and she points to Cainan or Cainan's picture, but it is still kind of garbled. And "snowman" is getting clearer".

Arlington is the same! A little chatter box. I asked her before bed tonight about her day (we got in REALLY late from the doctor's appointment) and she went into a 10 minute, non stop, non breathing rendition of every detail of her day. But - in no particular order. She was all over the place, and it was quite funny. I really had to pay attention.

I didn't take many pictures. After taking over 200 to get the right pictures for our Christmas photos this year, I wasn't in the mood! But here are three to enjoy!


The Kovalls said...

Yay for Cainan! The top picture is really cute, too :-)

Anonymous said...

at long last, GREAT NEWS, love and prayers Nanny