Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday in our Humble Aboad

Well, the best thing about the time from our last post - we AREN'T in the hospital! Cainan is doing very well, and getting a little better every day. We are over 1 week post surgery now, and his mouth is healing nicely. There does not seem to be any problems so far. Yes, he still has a hole in his palate and food still gets into his nose, but it isn't as bad as it used to be. We know that he will have that fixed in the future, so for now, it just is what it is! (Sorry Carrie, I know you hate that sentence!)

Anyway, he is healing nicely. His tongue is almost down to normal size. It is still swollen in places, but getting better. And his palate swelling is down as well. He is looking pretty handsome! He is still drooling a ton, but it gets a little less each day. Instead of changing his bib 6-7 times a day, we are down to two or three times.

He is also not eating great. He eats okay, but seems to have a bit of an upset stomach. He contracted a virus while in the hospital, so I think it has made its way to his stomach. He is gagging a bit, but it is lessening as well. He isn't unpleasant - just doesn't want to eat much. We aren't pusing it at this point. We also think his jaw is still really sore. He doesn't like to chew much. He is better with thin liquids and things like yogurt. But each day I see him use it a little more. I think he is afriad it will hurt, so he doesn't want to move his mouth! Poor guy. I don't want his jaw to get stiff, so we continue to work at it each day.

The most disappointing thing (besides the hole in his palate) is that he has really stopped talking again. Now, I know that it will pick back up once he is feeling better, but I have a good feeling we are going to have to reteach him a lot of things. He won't say much. None of the words he knew before the surgery. All he does is "uh, uh" when he wants something, and signs "please". But we are working on it. He has to use his jaw to close his lips and he just isn't into doing that right now. Sigh. Baby steps.....

Other happenings:
Arlington and Finley had their Thanksgiving feast at school today. Today was the last day of school for them this week. Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten doesn't run the rest of the week, so everyone is just staying home. I am home anyway, so no biggie! Mat is off on Thursday, so that will be fun. But the girls seemed to have fun at the feast at school. They had a lot of good fun and fun projects.

Arlington had fun tonight deciding on her dress for Christmas. I had gone to the stores and brought home a few for her to pick from. We had her model each one and let her decide on the one she wanted. She is growing up so fast! She loved doing a little fashion show. I have moved from the "infant/preschool" section of the stores to the "big girl" section! She isn't a baby any more! :( I can' believe our baby is going to be 5 soon. She is such a big helper to us with everything - including the babies. I don't know what I would do without her. She is wild and loves to have fun and gets carried away, but she is also smart and generous and loves everyone with her whole heart. We couldn't ask for a better daughter.

Then there is Finley....just kidding! She is a pistol, that one. She is the little boss of our house, that is for sure. She is funny and loves being a comedian. But I REALLY wanted a girly girl, and she is so far from that. As you will see from the pictures below that I can dress her up, but she finds a way to become disheveled. Neither of my girls are "girly" and that is okay. I didn't think it is possible, but I think she is wilder than Arlington was. She knows what she wants and she will get it no matter what! She is trouble, that one! This week, I caught her throwing rocks against our garage door because she liked the noise.

Anyway, she has learned some new words. She now can say Elmo, leaf, stop. She will also make a little sentence. She sees a dog/bird and if it leaves, she wants to know where it went, so she will say, "woof, woof go?" or "tweet, tweet, go?" and will put her arms up in wonder. Too cute.

Cainan - well, he is trying to say "tweet, tweet". Today he went "ee, ee" and started flapping his arms like crazy when he saw a bird. It was really cute! A breakthrough!
And yesterday he had his first experience in a toy store. He was on overload! He wanted to touch everything. He was bouncing in the cart - he was so excited! It was a lot of fun.
Today we were in Target, and there was a large tree in the entrance way. He wanted to check it out, so we went over to look at it, and he proceeded to try and pull it into the cart! He about pulled it over! We got too close! But he started clapping and kicking - he loved it! The store was playing Christmas music, and he was bopping his head to the music. This is going to be a fun Christmas - I can't wait to see what happens when we decorate and get our own tree. He is going to be so excited!

Anyway, that has been our last couple of days. As we come upon our first Thanksgiving as a family of 5, we are thankful for our health, and that Cainan is here with us. We are greatful that we can give our kids a good home and a good life and glad that we are all together. Too all of our family and Friends, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Here are some pictures


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, I would have had a hard time picking just one dress if I was Arlington. She has good taste, the one she chose is beautiful. The little girls that I watch, Alexa 5 and Kayla 10 also love looking a magazines, but really love looking at all the Christmas catalogs, and want everything that's in them. Love and prayers. Nanny

alison said...

Happy Thanksgvining to you too!!