Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday fun at the Pletcher house

Well, I know it has only been a few days since I last posted, but I wanted to get back on schedule. Not much new going on. Here is the recap!

Monday - Cainan's readoption day!! As many of you know, since I didn't travel to China, Cainan wasn't an offical United States citizen. He was a permanent resident with a green card. Well that all changed on this day. We went before a judge and swore that we would treat him as a biological child and he would have all the rights and privileges that the girls do (which at their age they have NONE - ha!). It took about 10 minutes, but the judge was really nice. He said he loved doing things like this - that in family court, most of the time it is battles and bad stuff. So he was very excited to do an adoption hearing. Our lawyer was there with us, who was also really great. Everything went smoothly, and the judge signed on the dotted line and that was that. Now we can apply for his certificate of citizenship, and once that comes, he will get a social security number. So I would say by the spring we should have all that stuff. Oh, and his birth certificate as well! The judge gave Cainan a toy - he had them hiding behind his bench, and Cainan was allowed to go up and pick one. We had our picture taken with him and he said he wanted us to send him a copy. Great experience!

Tuesday - not much today. Cainan had speech therapy this morning and I took Finley with us. That was a circus! But Cainan made a lot more noise because Finley was there! Mostly screeching due to not wanting to share, but noise none the same! Finley had a doctor's appointment, so I didn't want to drop her off at school for just an hour and then go and get her! So she just came along. Cainan joined Arlington at school after his therapy and they came home later in the day.

New stuff - not much! Arlington is really into Christmas and what she wants this year. As the toy magazines come in the mail we give them to her to go through and have fun with. She got out a pen and started circling everything on every page! Sigh. She didn't get it. Or maybe she did! Ha! She is so goofy.

Finley - saying more words. Today she said "Cainy". It was really cute. She knows who her brother is, and looks for him when I say his name. And this morning at speech therapy, every time the speech therapist said something, she would repeat it. That wasn't helpful! She is really rambunctious. She loves to wrestle. And she is becoming a little daredevil. She will climb on anything! Throw caution to the wind! that is Finley's motto. Ah, just like her sister - aren't I lucky?

Cainan - talking more. today he said "up" or something like it, and "out". And his sign for "please" has gotten really good. We are going to teach him a few more signs to get him through until he gets to talking more. And he seems to be getting a few new teeth. He has just a few more days before his big palate surgery, so we are stuffing him full of finger foods. After the surgery, he won't be seeing those again for about a month!

I don't have many pictures since it has only been a day and a half since my last post! Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

At last, the BIG day for Cainan, congratulations. Love and prayers, Nanny