Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pictures have returned!

We finally got our new camera and I took a lot of pictures over the last couple of days. I won't be posting them all, of course! But I put a nice selection below for all the grandparents that were going through withdraw! We were able to get this camera for FREE using our Sony points from our Sony credit card. We were very excited! We love getting free Sony stuff. :)

So we are busy in the swing of getting ready for our move. I even made one of my extensive lists of things to complete. It is quite long, but not daunting. Mostly minor stuff. I have a lot of short term memory problems due to my thyroid disorder (and old age) so I have to write down things as I think of them! There isn't anything pressing on the list – just the last minute things that come with a move. We are expert movers. This is our 8th change of address since we got married 10 1/2 years ago. I say it that way because we changed homes several times in the cities we lived in. This is out 4th state move. We have lived in Maryland, California, Florida, and now Connecticut. We only need to move to Washington and basically we have lived in the 4 corners of the USA! Ha! But this is hopefully our last move for a very, very, very long time.

Cainan had speech therapy on Thursday again this week. Now that we are done with our long weekend trips, he is back to his usual appointment days. Finley and I hung out in the hallway for most of the session and Cainan did great. He talked, and participated and even blew some bubbles! So that was progress. We only have three more sessions with the speech therapist before we leave. Then we will be starting over in a new place. Hopefully we can find someone close to home. Cainan is still talking a good bit. He hasn't really added any new words, but he does try new words when asked. And he is perfecting the ones he knows. So that is great. He has kind of learned the word “bear”. And he is working on his first 3 word sentence, “all done milk”. It kind of runs all together, but we get what he is saying. He is also getting good at saying the word “no” to his sisters. Before he would just kind of take what they were doing to him, but now he is fighting back a little. Not that they really ever listen to him saying no, but he is making the effort to get his way!

Finley is doing great. She got a little haircut thanks to her mother. I couldn't take the fine baby hair strands around her neck area any longer, so I took a pair of scissors to them and they are no more. She took it pretty well. She looks pretty cute! Yes, she looks a little like a boy, but her hair is neater! I think that now it will look thicker when it grows back in. BUT, I could be really wrong about that too. :) Finley is still talking up a storm. She is learning to sing the ABC song. She picks and choses the letters she chimes in. It is funny. She also loves to sing “Rock a Bye baby” She will sing those words over and over again, and then hum a little and say “top”, hum some more, “rock”, then Rock a Bye Baby again. She is funny. She loves to sing, and talk. That girl is a chatter box just like her big sister. Finley also loves to state the obvious “mommy's shoes”, “sissy's shirt”. When we sees things. It is her favorite game – guessing what things belong to whom. And she is in to pretending to go shopping. She will say, “go boppin'” and grab a bag and fill it up. She is funny. She will tell us bye and she will go “boppin”.

Arlington is doing great. We are working on her learning a first book. She knows so many words that I am just trying to work her through some of the hard ones in the book until she learns them by sight. She is having fun with that. She will be taking a Connecticut Kindergarten readiness exam this summer, so anyone out there that can give me some insight, I would love to hear! I am sure it is a no biggie, but I am curious. I know I have a few Kindergarten teachers who read the blog! She is having some emotional difficulties with the move. After we came back from our trip to Connecticut, we talked with her about where we were moving and she got very sad. She has a couple of really great little friends here, and she is very sad that she won't be seeing them on a regular basis. She has also been rehearsing for the Pre-K end of year program and they sing a song about leaving. She cries every time they sing it. She told her teacher she doesn't like that song because it makes her “sad a little bit”. Then she makes the most horrible frowny face. We know that we have to move, and actually this is the best time to move – before she starts school. But we do feel bad for her because she does understand what it means. So we try to talk about the positives. Her new room and new stuff she will be getting, Kindergarten (which means she is a big girl – very big deal to her), being close to her grandparents, getting new toys for the trip to Connecticut, a new playset in the backyard with things she likes on it -especially swings), and so on. Those things always cheer her up. And we know, as sad as it is, her memory is short. This trauma will soon pass and she will have new fun things to fill her days. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this is a permanent move for us so that the kids can grow up in the area where they started school.

Nothing much going on this weekend. Arlington played with her best little friend today. We are trying to make that a weekly weekend thing for her since we only have a few weeks left. And we are going to try and squeeze in a sleep over with this little friend before we go. They both have been asking weekly for that. It breaks my heart every time I see them together lately knowing how short their time together really is. They could not be better friends, and I know that if we were staying here, they would be life time best buds. You can just tell when kids are going to click for life. I had a friend like that growing up, and we are still friends today. I know she is going to cry for her the most once we move. And we, of course, are going to miss our friends just as much that we have here. We hope to be able to stay in contact.

This weekend we are also just organizing and wrapping up a few last minute things before we head out. We are organizing so that when the packers come for our move, it isn't total chaos. We have already made one amazing run to Goodwill, and I have a feeling another run will be in order before we go. We just want the packers and movers to have an easy time, so our three day move goes smoothly!

Here are some pictures - enjoy!

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