Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday fun at the Pletcher house

We are always having fun here! Especially with two toddlers in the house. Sigh. They are getting more and more mischeivious every day. Finley is the worse of the two. She will not stay off the stairs or out of the upstairs. She loves going up there now that she can open the doors. She is like having 6 kids in the house sometimes! But then there are days where she and Cainan play so nice together and stay out of trouble. I love those days!

Anyway, everyone is doing well. Cainan had a pediatrician visit yesterday. Nothing major. Tomorrow he is having a CT scan and is going to be sedated for it. He won't lay for them – not at all – so they are going to have to knock him out. So, he had to make sure he was healthy. And he is. I had he and Finley weighed, since I had them both with me. Cainan is 21 pounds, 13 ounces (very close to 22 pounds) and 34 inches long. And Finley is 21 pounds 15 ounces, and 33 ½ inches. So Cainan is taller by a little bit. They keep changing places – who is taller. I have a feeling that neither one of them are going to be very tall, or very heavy!

So tomorrow is the CT scan. We have to be there at 9am for a 10am sedation. Should be a fun morning. Not. We have to wake him up around 5:30am so that he can have clear liquids before 6am. Then he can eat when we get home. Let's hope it goes quickly and we are out of there by lunch time. He is going to be pretty mad. I am going and Mat is staying home with the girls.

Arlington is doing well. This weekend she is going for a sleep over at her best little friends house. She is so excited! She has slept over there before, but it was because Mat and I were at the hospital having Finley. So this is for fun this time. She can't wait. Then the next weekend we are having her little friend for a sleep over at our house. They are going to really miss each other when we go, so we are getting in a bunch of fun stuff before that happens.

Arlington got a chance to play with her little best Friend this past Sunday. We had her here all afternoon. They had a good time and I took a bunch of pictures, of course. They will be below. Cainan and Finley love having this little girl here too – they like to follow her around.

We didn't do much else this weekend. Mat went to a going away party for him on Saturday. It was during the baby's nap time so I stayed here. He and Arlington had a good time there. And Finley's big girl bed was delivered on Saturday. It is hanging out in the garage ready for the moving truck. The movers are going to be so happy that there is another piece of furniture to move! But I am glad we have it. It will be there for her in a few months when she is ready for it.

So that is about all to report. Oh, the septic tank! Yes, it was inspected and the report looks good overall. They took pictures and marked its placement so we will know from now on. I am waiting to speak to the inspector, but I think there are only one or two things that might need to be dealt with and they seem to be minor. Thank goodness for that! So we are glad to hear. The fun of country life. So I think we are finally coming to the end of the issues, and things are going to be kind of quiet for the next couple of weeks until we get there. At least I hope so! We are really looking forward to getting up there and into the house. We only have 17 more days until we leave Florida. Whoo hoo!

Enjoy the pictures (there are lots!)

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