Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesdays with Pletchers

I am sitting on my back porch as I write this soaking up the sunshine. It is another 80 plus degree day here in Florida. I am thinking about all the things I don't like about Florida, but I am going to miss the weather to an extent. Sure, next winter as I scrape ice off my car, and have to bundle the kids up in 40 layers of clothing to go outside, I will miss this sun! The kids have known nothing but wonderful weather - warm just about 365 days of the year here. Even when we lived in San Diego, we never really had a cold day. So this, after 7 years of nothing but warm, is going to be quite the change. Mat and I grew up in the north, but you do tend to forget how cold "COLD" really is.

Anyway, not much to report. We had a nice weekend. We got a lot done, and I had a good start to the week. I made a ton of phone calls yesterday, putting a small dent in my list of things to accomplish over the next month. I did find out today that our prudential relocation company will take care of calling all the places to turn off and on our electric, phone, cable, etc. for our old home AND new. How nice is that! That takes care of about 20 things on my list. That was very good news.

Today's fun project for our new house is called "find the septic tank". Yes, it is a little game that has been going on for about 5 days at our new home. Okay - for all of you who, like me, have no idea what that is, well - it is best it stays that way. This is not a fun topic to explain. But the hunt for it is kind of funny in a way! So, the current owners of our new home built the home and have not had to empty the septic tank since they moved into it. But as part of the escrow process we had a home inspection and we need to have a septic inspection. So the inspector went out last Friday and looked at the plans of the house and where it says the septic tank is. Well, it isn't there. Huh? Where is it you say? The owners have no idea. So down to town hall the agent went to get new plans. These plans say the septic tank is in the same spot. Hmmmmmm. Okay -so we are 2000 miles away thinking, well, now what? Now we are having a special inspector with special equipment that will locate this tank. I invision a torn up yard while they say, "nope, not here! Nope, not here either!" My agent assures me that this is not the case, but who knows. But it has been interesting. There are all of these new things we have to deal with. Having never lived in this small of a town or this country, we have oil heat (what?), septic tank (come again?) and well water (oh boy). But we are not alone. EVERYONE in the area that we are living has these items. I had to have quite the lesson in what they all meant.

So anyway, that is our latest. The home inspection went fine - nothing major. And so now we just wait for closing! We are getting all of the big stuff out of the way in the beginning.

The kids are doing great. Not much new to report. Finley and Cainan have little colds. Finley doesn't really feel like eating much and Cainan is whinier than usual. But it isn't too bad. Hopefully it will pass soon.

Tonight I am going out with my girlfriends. We are going to eat some yummy seafood - I can't wait! It is nice to go out with just the girls every once in awhile. This will probably be the last time I get to go out with these ladies sad!

So that is it! Here are a few pictures - enjoy!

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