Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Warm days of spring

That is what we are having, but does this surprise you in some way? Probably not! It is ALWAY warm here. Never any change. Boring. And it has been rainy again. We aren't even to our rainy season yet (which is summer). It rains a little every day in the summer right around 3pm. Weird, huh?

Anyway, now that I am through being a weather girl, here is the happenings. Not much! Ha! No, we had a nice weekend and a nice start to our week. We had our friends Mike and Julie over on Sunday. Their eldest had played with Arlington all day and then they came over for the evening. Julie's parents are in visiting so their twin babies got to stay home and Julie and Mike got a break. I am sure they liked that! We had a nice time relaxing and visiting with them.

Today Cainan had speech therapy. He was "wowing" his speech therapist with how well he is doing. He really showed off today. Ever since his surgery he has really been articulating his words well and his speech is becoming clearer. He is doing great! Speaking of his surgery, we are pretty mad about it right now. The last of his stitches disappeared and what is left is a large hole inside his nose! His stitches must have come out before they had a chance to heal - hence the fact that his nose looks exactly like it did before surgery. It came completely apart! I called the doctor's office to talk to them, and the surgeon is out of town until next Tuesday. And unless it is an emergency, they aren't seeing patients. Nice, right? We were just told to keep an eye on it and watch for infection. Fun times. But I guess it might have to be redone after all. I am really over this surgeon, but I just can't really justify leaving it the way it is. I will talk to the doctor next week. They need to be able to do whatever it is outpatient and then we will probably do it. Plus he needs to have a CAT scan still under anesthesia. Hopefully they can do it all at once. We are steaming mad right now.

We leave on Thursday for Disneyworld and will be there until Sunday night. We are excited to take another trip - we love going. The weather is not supposed to be great, though. They are calling for rain all weekend. I hope it just comes and goes or we are going to be in trouble! But we are looking forward to going. We are doing two days in the Magic Kingdom and probably one in Epcot and one in MGM Studios. Arlington is so excited.

Cainan's new words are "bye babies", and "cracker", and "circle", and "all done". He is starting to put more and more two word sentences together. Cainan recognizes A, B. He recognizes Circle, but that is where he decides he isn't interested anymore! That's okay.

Finley's new words are "itchy", "sticky", "square", "belly". she recognizes A, B, C, D, W, I, P, M, O. Don't ask what happened to going in order. She makes her own rules. And I think she has the shapes down finally. Yeah!

Arlington had April fools day at school today. She thought that was pretty great. she wore her uniform shirt backwards, pink shorts, and pink socks. She likes being goofy, so this day was perfect for her. She got a book for her birthday "Dr. Seuss all about me" so we have been filling that out. She keeps me busy! I can't believe that next year she will be in Kindergarten and gone all day. She is going to love it. I can't wait for her to have that experience. She is going to be sad, though, because she will be going to different elementary schools than all of her little pre-K friends. Not one of them is in her school district. She will miss being with the kids she has known all these years.

Anyway, before I go, I want to mention a blog that I found through a cousin of Mat's. This blog has really humbled me into how lucky we are that we are healthy, that our kids are healthy, and that our every day annoyances mean nothing. I wish I had half the faith that these people have, and I think you would really enjoy reading their blog. Please pray that their situation improves and that God watches out for them. Here is their blog: Confessions of a CF Husband

Anyway, that is all for now. I won't be blogging on Saturday since we will be at Disney, but I will have plenty of pictures for you next Tuesday when we return! Have a great week everyone!

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