Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Catch up post one

So over the next couple of days, I am going to play catch up. Each day I will put a reminder, so if you are interested in seeing the pictures I post, you can look at them.

I am going to post today the pictures of our last days in Baltimore and our Philadelphia trip.
I know I posted all the details about Philadelphia and Baltimore in my last post, so I will just have the pictures. You can read the post below (dated Sunday June 1st) to catch up.

By the way - Cainan's birthday was June 2nd. We had a little family party for him that day with presents and singing. Since our girls are allergic to cake, we decided to have "birthday ice cream" instead. Cainan actually doesn't really love cake. But I will post those pictures in a few days once I get them organized. Our little boy turned 2! He is getting so big. Sleeping in a big boy bed, and just talking more and more every day. We are just two short months away from our 1 year anniversary since he became part of our family. Time goes by so fast!

So enjoy the pictures of Baltimore (Saturday May 24th) and our Philadelphia days (May 24th-26th)

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Danielle said...

It sure looks liek everyone had a great time.