Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Can't beat the heat

Okay - so it has been a really long time since I have lived in a place that didn't have air conditioning. The only time I can remember is our first year in Baltimore more than 10 years ago! I have been spoiled. The houses up here - very few of them have air conditioning. They really don't need it. Well, let me digress - they USUALLY don't need it. Who knew it would be 102 degrees two days in a row in Connecticut? This hasn't been pleasant! Yesterday was much worse than today. Today - we are starting to figure out what to do to keep the heat out. We do have ceiling fans and they are helping, and at night it is getting down into the 50s and 60s, so that helps as well. I just think we are going to have to adjust to it. We grew up this way - we have just forgotten. Anyway, we are hoping to put central air in a few years from now, so that will be something to look forward too.

Besides the heat, all is going well. The kids had a great weekend with their grandparents and we are looking forward to Mat's mom and dad's visit this coming weekend. They are staying with us for 5 days - it should be a lot of fun. They are coming to work! That is what I like to hear. We have several projects lined up for while they are here, but we plan on having some fun too. It is supposed to be a little cooler, so hopefully we can be outside for most of the days.

I have started priming Cainan's bedroom. It is next in line to be painted. Goodbye awful faux finish blue and white walls, hello dark beige. I know - boring. But we figure with a neutral color like that, we can then pick his window treatments, carpet and bedding and it won't matter. It isn't a very big room, so we are just going with one color in this room (unlike the girls which has an accent wall). I have it all primed and now I am just waiting to go to the store to get the actual wall color. Two rooms painted - that will be great! They aren't complete, of course, because the carpet, window coverings, baseboards, light fixture - all need to be dealt with. But that comes later. A little paint goes a long way!

We are finding lots of activities around as well. There is a circus next week that I think we are going to take Arlington too. The babies are too little. There is a children's museum, a great aquarium, the seaport, etc., etc. Lots and lots of family stuff not that far from our house. There is this great dinosaur land and water park about 5 minutes from here that we are going to try out pretty soon. Especially with it being so hot! The water park opens on Father's day, so we will be hitting that soon after.

Arlington hasn't had another playdate yet, but she will soon. With company over this weekend and next weekend, it may be a little while before we see her new little friend again. School is wrapping up around here (they go until June 23rd) so it is a busy time for the families getting the end of the year wrapped up. But we are looking forward to getting together with this little girl and her mom again. It helps Arlington to have someone to play with. She gets bored with just us.

We are also going to be visiting Arlington's school probably next week. I would like Arlington to see the school and see the class and meet the teacher to give her something to look forward to. Plus she needs to take a little exam anyway, so we are hoping to get that out of the way. I also need to pick up a packet of information about Kindergarten. How exciting. Our big girl going to school - hard to believe.

The babies are doing great. Finley says "hot" all the time. Especially when we go upstairs to her bedroom. Poor baby. They are outside 5 minutes and they are flushed. We lived in such hot weather, but it is a different heat up here. Plus - right now, being inside isn't that refreshing! She is doing great with her colors and numbers and shapes. She also likes to say "loud" all the time when they are playing. She will come out of the playroom and announce "loud". My response? "No kidding" Now I am going to start working harder with Cainan to get him caught up. Next in line for them - Finley will move into a toddler bed (oh boy), and potty training is about to begin(oh no!!!) Should be interesting.

Okay -so here are a few pictures. Enjoy!

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Carrie said...

I'm glad that you all are getting settled. Hopefully it cools down for you all soon!