Friday, June 6, 2008

Catch up post number three

Today is the final day of catch up and I will be back to regular posting tomorrow. If you missed the previous two, look below for "catch up post number one" and "catch up post number two" to see pictures from the last days of our vacation and first days in the house.

Today I am catching up by posting Cainan's birthday pictures. We just had a small family party because in July, while we are visiting Pennsylvania, we are having his and Finley's birthday parties there. Since the two are only 30 days apart, we are doing a combined party for them this year. I think it will be that way until they get a little older and really care! So we had ice cream the first night and presents and singing. Then the next night Mat brought home a cupcake for Cainan. We know he doesn't really care for sweets, but we wanted something we could put a candle in. So we sang and he tried to blow out the candle BUT he ate a little of the icing and then cried because it was all over him. He didn't like that. Cainan doesn't like to have his hands messy with food (doesn't seem to mind dirt) so when he couldn't wipe it off, he got upset. Oh well. Arlington ate the icing and Finley ate the little candy off the top, so that was exciting for them!

So here are the pictures. We went to our local "Salem Valley Farms" ice cream stop which is 1 mile from our house. It is the best ice cream you will ever have. We plan on going there a lot this summer!



The Adventures of Jing & Ying said...

Cainan looks like he enjoyed his birthday. My 4 year old dd would be jealous...she loves Cars and Spiderman!

I love the outside of your house! Personally, I like it better than your neighbor Mary's (shhh, don't tell her! LOL)!


Danielle said...

Happy belated birthday Cainan!