Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday night in the woods

So here we are - Saturday night. I look out my window. It is eerily DARK. There aren't any street lights in the woods. :) Where we used to live, there was a lamp light about every 15 feet. But here - just darkness. I hope I don't hear any howling.....

Anyway, things are going well. This was a pretty productive week. We got our new health insurance cards and I started to make calls to set up for our new doctors here in our area. Always a pain in the butt. I am used to it, with all the moves we have made over the last 10 years, but with Cainan, it is a lot harder. I need to find him 4 doctors instead of one, so that makes it a little more challenging. And I have a few I need to see as well, so I had a pretty extensive list. But, I got many appointments set up, so that was good. I have a few more to make, and I am going to do that this coming week. I need to find Cainan a craniofacial team, and I am looking into the best one in the area. That means going to Children's of Boston, which has been referred to several times as "mecca". It is 2 hours away, but at this point, Cainan should only have to go once a year until he is required to have surgery again (in 3 years or so), so that isn't bad. So I think that is where we will end up. Yale is close to us, but we were told that team is going through "transition", so I am not so sure. There is also one in Hartford Connecticut, but it isn't associated with a large hospital, so I am not sure about that one either. Since most of Cainan's work that is left is cosmetic, I think I want the best team to make his lip look beautiful.

Mat and I also went to the DMV. That was always an adventure. When we moved from Pennsylvania to Maryland, we just went and got a new license with an eye exam. When we moved to California, we had to take a written test (which I FAILED the first time - not good!) and an eye exam. Okay - just to be clear, I failed the test by one question and I got to take it over right away. LOL. The question I missed was about letting on coming traffic merge - they have the right away. Who knew?
Anyway, I was at the DMV for 1 1/2 hours. Mat and I went on separate days so we wouldn't have to take the kids. It took forever because I had to take an eye exam. Always they eye exam! At least no other tests this time. But this was a popular day for 16 year olds to come in and get their new license, so they were very backed up. Mat went this morning and was there twice as long as I was. Apparently Saturday is "motorcycle road test day". Sigh. But we now have official Connecticut license. Last will be to get our license plates. We were going to do that this morning, but it took so long for Mat to just get his license that the plates will have to wait until next week. That line is much longer and a lot less fun! One more step and our last visible clues that we EVER lived in the awful state of Florida will be GONE. Whoo hoo!!

Anyway, this week I finished priming Cainan's room to have it painted and we bought the paint for his room today. So tomorrow I will put the first coat on and finish it up on Monday. Two rooms done - yeah! And in two weeks, not bad! I would like to keep going with the painting projects, but we may take a little break. We have company coming over the next couple of weeks, so we may stop for awhile. I really want to get rid of the blue in our bedroom next (these people really loved blue) and then take a break, so we will see!

We went to Home Depot today and got a few supplies, and some new ceiling fans. We got one for each of the kid's rooms and two for our living room to replace the ugly ones (without lights none the less) we have now. Yeah! We got MY second choice for downstairs, but I think they are going to be nice. We didn't get a new one for our bedroom yet (at least there is a fan in there unlike the kids rooms) because I just wasn't sure what direction we may take colors in that room. So I want to wait and see first. I would maybe like to just get an air conditioning unit and maybe put up a nice light instead of a fan. We will see....

Today I also signed Arlington up for a soccer camp in August and then for fall soccer here in our town. Very exciting! Thanks to our new neighbor telling me about fall soccer for the Kindergarten class, I was able to get her into an activity that she is really going to love. We wanted her to do something, and I just wasn't sure dance was it. I think she would love dance, but I don't think ballet is right for my little tomboy. I think gymnastics would be more appropriate, and I haven't found that yet. For now - soccer it is. We can't wait. Mat might even coach - we will see!

And I think I am going to sign her up for vacation Bible School It is at our local church at the end of the month for one week. She would go from 9-12, and that would give her something to do each morning. Arlington has always loved church and church activities, so she would really enjoy this. Hopefully they still have room at this point. Next summer I will be more prepared having been here for a whole year, and will have all kinds of activities lined up for her.

Yesterday we had another great playdate with our new neighbors. The girls really seem to be hitting it off, and her mom, Michelle, is a wonderful person. I think we are going to be good friends. I am so glad to find such wonderful people right here in our neighborhood. We feel very lucky with that! The girls only got to play for a short time yesterday, but we look forward to playing again next Friday and more often as the summer goes along!

Tomorrow we will just clean up and get ready for Mat's parent's arrival on Monday. We are so excited to have them come and see our new house. They are staying from Monday to the following Sunday - a nice long visit and a nice surprise! We can't wait to see them and the kids are so excited they are coming to play. We will keep them busy while they are here and know it will be a really great time. Then two days after they leave, Mat's Aunt Betty comes for a week long visit. We are excited about that as well! We love having her here to play with the kids and visit with us. So many visitors - I love it.

So here are just a few pictures. Yes, Cainan is in a tutu. That was Arlington's doing. We don't have any boy costumes yet, so he wanted to play dress up - according to Arlington- and so this is what she came up with. When I first saw him, he also had a lot of necklaces on. Poor kid. I feel bad for him with two girls in the house.


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