Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blogging by a 5 year old

Arlington is into working on the computer lately and helping me write messages. She is facinated with email - even the regular mail. We "skype" via the computer so that Arlington can see her grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends, and she loves seeing things that she sent these people in the mail. We put it in the mailbox, a few days go by, and the person will show her that it arrived at their house. She thinks it is fasinating.

ANYWAY! She is going to help me with the blog tonight. I will tell you a few things and then the blog will end with "day in a life of a 5 year old".

This weekend finished off well. Sunday we went to the local craft fair. It was okay - kind of small. But the kids had fun. We also did some boring grocery shopping to get ready for the week ahead.
Yesterday and today have been fine. Arlington fell yesterday at daycare off the slide. She said a friend of hers pulled her down the slide and she fell off and then fell right on her face. I took a picture below. She is noticably hurt. Poor girl! Mat told her to tell everyone that she fought a bear and won.
Cainan also had an accident at school. Today he tried to get a puzzle off the shelf and pulled every puzzle onto his face. His right eye is scratched up and swollen. These kids!!
Work has been fine for me. I had one little girl who came in and had a bandaid on her finger. She said the cut underneath it was hurting. I told her I could take the bandaid off and take a look and then make it feel better. She said "no! I can't take the bandaid off or my whole finger will just come off with it!" 1st grader. I also started my screenings again. This week was 2nd grade. I thought 3rd grade was wild? Second grade was worse! They are really antsy. They never sat still for one minute. It was cute. Well behaved- just...everywhere. I did discover 2 kids who needed glasses and a girl that was red/green color blind. So interesting day.

Tonight was the monthly PTO meeting. It was another long one, but fun. Our school does a lot of great things for our kids and it is great to be able to be a part of it. I even volunteered to sell the spirit wear this year with another parent! I wanted to volunteer to do something and I wanted there to be spirit wear this year, so there you go!

Okay! Now, for Arlington. This is word for word from Arlington. She talked - I typed. I didn't change a thing. So here you go.

Arlington's day:
I rode in the car. And then I got to daycare. I mean I didn't get to daycare. I didn't ride in the car. Don't write that. I went to "K"'s house this morning to play. I played with "K". All kinds of stuff. At snack time we ate crackers. You know what kind we had? We had Ritz. They were good. This is what I did before I went to school. And I played dress up. Me and "K" were playing dress up, I was a princess and "K" was a princess. And "K" belly hurted so she had to go potty. And....I.....also, um, at lunch time we also talked about what we wanted to be when we grow up. I want to be a macaroni and cheese. I have to go to Miss M - my art teacher, and then she will make a macaroni and cheese on the paper, and then I will color it in and then I will staple it on....well, tape it on so I don't hurt myself. Then I will poof it in to me and I will be a macaroni and cheese.
And then we had lunch. And "K" wants to be when she grows up - she wants to be a nose. She is going to Miss "M" - the art teacher - and draw a nose and color it, tape it to herself, and poof! She will be a nose.
And then we went outside to stop for "K"'s brother's bus. But we played ball before we saw the bus. And when the bus came, me and "K" go over to her mommy, Mrs. "K", and then we saw the bus and then we had to go with Mrs. "K". And then we played a little bit kicking back and forth the ball. Then we played simon says. Then a mother came and then she left. We had to go back outside to wait for our bus (me and "K"). And then we saw our bus and we got on. We say "M" on the bus. He goes to morning Kindergarten, but he was on the bus.
And then we got to school - we were the last ones. Always bus 3 is the last bus. Bus 6 is the first bus to school. "E" missed me on the bus today (she rides bus 6). We went inside school. We did our stuff at school.
At school, I did - well, some people go to the office. They are the messengers. The flag holder holds the flag and waves it around a little - because it is a pointy end. We point our hands to our clock and then put it the over our heart, and we say "Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the mightiest states America. To the Publix, of richer stand, one mation under God, individual of liberty and all".
And then we do a little bit of silence - you stand up and put your hands together, close your eyes and bend your head down. And yesterday I fell off the slide.
And we all sit down - criss cross, apple sauce, and put your hands in your lap. Then we do the calendar and all the messengers come back.
We did the number - it was 21 - that is what day it is. If you have a show and tell you can show it real quick. "J" had a show n tell - she made a book of Little Miss Muffin sat on her tuffin and she read it to us.
Tomorrow we're gonna make a pumpkin patch because some people who didn't get to do it today get to do it tomorrow.
I worked with my teacher Mrs. "O". I got to read a page in a book with her. We were all at the table. It was a table of all girls. All the girls in my girl scouts.
Then we went to art. But wait! Before we went to art we had to decide what you give a mouse. We were talking about if you take a mouse to school - we have this book - "If you give a mouse a cookie" - he would want some milk.
Let me think upside down about what else we did. Then we went to art. And somebody else was our teacher because Miss "M" was not there. We had a new teacher. Her name was Mrs. "G". We did all the warm papers and all the cool papers - we got to cut our own shape out of them. You can make weird shapes or any kind of shape you want. We had to glue our circle a little - and because I was wearing a white shirt, I got paint all over it. Because me and "K" and "E" and "J" got covered with glue because we glued our papers to our hands and the color got all over us. I made a car with mine. But you can make all kinds of shapes. If you need some space you can cut it up.
Then we came back to our class and we did our bathroom and snack. And then we did our color books. No recess today. But sometimes we have recess. I just wanted to tell you that. Then we did our color books and this is what color we did. Yellow first and then we did purple, and then we did blue and so on and so on....
And that's it - we didn't have any time for math because it was bus time. We got on our bus (me and "E") and then we went back to daycare. That is what we did!
After school mommy picked me up and we went to McDonalds. I love McDonalds. I had chicken and got a barbie prize in the box. I am going to sing a McDonalds song. "I love McDonalds, McDonalds, McDonalds. It is so good".
We also went to Blockbuster - my friend "S" lives in there. No....he lives in the same state, I mean city.
We came home and saw daddy, I finished my dinner, we took my juice box and went down the road to help daddy take the garbage out. I throwed my juice box into the garbage can and then we came back up and I took my bath and now I am playing with my brother and sister.
Now I am getting ready for bed and going to read my books and go to sleep. Happily ever after. The end!

I can't make this stuff up, folks. I am sure all of you with kids out there can agree that they NEVER stop talking. Never. Not for one second. Or maybe I am wrong! Maybe that is just my kid! She can fill hours and hours with just talking.

Here are the few pictures I have! Enjoy!

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The Kovalls said...

Ok- I hope Ethan never learns to talk. Ever!

Finley's pigtails are hilarious!

And, I love Cainan's yellow striped sweater - he's dressed like Uncle AJ :-)