Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I've been tagged/Weekend in review

I've been tagged!

I was tagged by my friend Donna at Lena and Macey's blog. Thanks Donna! You should check our her blog. Donna and I “met” while adopting our children last summer (2007). She is a wonderful mom to two beautiful children from China! Check her out!

So I need to write 7 things about me. Do they need to be interesting?? I hope not!!

Here they are:

1.I met my husband in high school – when I was 15 actually! We have been together for 18 years! That is longer than we were apart. We have been married for almost 11 years. I can't imagine being married to anyone else.
2.I love to quilt. Many of you know this about me, but getting to 7 is going to be hard! I started quilting while I was in high school and I have made around 20. I am making quilts for my daughters bed's right now so they match, since they are sharing a room!
3.I am stealing this from Donna, but it is true!! I LOVE football. I love the fall because I love football! I mostly love the Steelers!!! (We grew up in the Pittsburgh area). Good or bad I love my boys in Black and Gold! (and sometimes they are REALLY bad)
4.I love ice cream. This better count because I really friggin love it.
5.I am a pretty picky eater but I love sushi. I love all kinds of sushi – especially from a really great restaurant. It is really yummy! I encourage you to give it a try!
6.I love to listen to books on tape while I travel in the car. I don't care that my job is 30 miles one way – it gives me time to listen to a good book! (if you see my last post, I am working through Stephanie Meyer's vampire series!).
7.If I had a lot of free money I would adopt another child, open a homeless shelter, and have a clinic to help women who wanted to give their babies up for adoption.

So those are my 7 things! Here are the blogs I tag:

Hicks Family Four – my beautiful sister in law who has two beautiful children. I love reading her blog.

The Tings – another beautiful sister in law who has a blog and is on a journey to adopt her first child from Taiwan. She is the twin sister of “Hicks Family Four!” Both of those girls have amazing faith in God and I love to read about their families and daily lives!

Kovall News – ANOTHER beautiful sister-in-law (I have 4 and only 1 doesn't have a blog! Jess...) Anyway Tricia has a great blog – she just had a baby boy and he is just the cutest little thing! Her blog is hilarious and will keep you laughing!

4tunate – I am in awe of this woman. She is a mom of quad boys! You have to read about her and her amazing family. Her boys are under two – she makes me want to be a better mother. She is amazing.

New Mommy Rant – such a fun blog! I love this blog! She has wonderful posts about her daughter, different baby products she loves/hates. It is a fun blog for everyone and especially new mommies!

Blah Blah Blog – this is Mat's cousin. She is hilarious and I love reading her blog!

I have many more I would love to tag, but I will start with these! Tag ladies!!
Anyway, on to other business!

We had a good rest of the weekend. Sunday we went to church in the morning and then did some grocery shopping after ward. We usually go to lunch, but today we had plans for “after nap” so we were going out to dinner instead. So we headed home. After naps we went to a local town square for a scarecrow decorating contest. We got to see the finished products and they were pretty neat! People put some serious time into their scarecrows. We took a few pictures below for you to see. Our own little version of Gilmore Girls. :) (My favorite TV show) The kids thought they were really cool – especially Arlington. After looking at the scarecrows, we wondered around the town square for awhile and let the kids expend some energy. Then we decided to head to dinner a little after 5.

We had dinner at a local diner. The food was OK – not great. They had a huge menu. They are known, I guess, for their pizza – we should have gone with that! Also, the kids were not that good there. Our kids 75% of the time are great when we go out to eat. The other 25% of time time is either kind of trying or REALLY trying. This was one of those REALLY trying times. No one cried, but Finley wouldn't eat, Cainan wasn't that interested in eating, and to top the evening off, Arlington shoved her plate a little too hard, knocking into my full cup of Sprite, and spilling it all over me and Finley! It was REALLY cold. I wasn't mad – it was an accident, but we were soaked. So Mat and I have declared that Finley and Cainan are about the age Arlington was when we took a break from eating out. Too little to occupy themselves for long, too old to really be able to control to sit still. It is ordering IN for us for awhile.

Monday was a day off for the kids and I. Columbus day is a non-school day here in Connecticut. So the kids actually slept in a little, which was nice. Mat headed off to work, and the kids and I enjoyed a slow paced day. We played a little this morning, I got some cleaning done, and then we all went outside to play for awhile. We stayed outside for about 1 ½ hours – the weather was really nice! We are enjoying, what I am assuming is the last few days of nice weather before it gets cold for good. After lunch and the kids went down for a nap, Arlington practiced her words, read some books, and watched a movie. Once Mat came home we had some dinner and then took a walk on our wooded property. We aren't quite sure where our property ends and the nature preserve begins. But we were pretty sure we were still on our property this evening (we have 9 acres). There are huge rocks, and it was really fun to walk the property and see the different landscapes we have right in our back yard. The kids always love walking around the woods, so it was fun.

Today was back to work and school for myself and the kids. It was a half day for my kids at my school and I had a meeting in the afternoon. The ½ day wasn't too bad – I acutally got some work done in between visits. They started getting antsy around lunch time, but before that – pretty quiet. I still saw 25 kids in 4 hours, but still. It was pretty spread out.
Only two little comments from the school kids today:
1 – I “accidentally” threw up.
2 – Do you know what my mommy's name is? Mommy! But sometime daddy calls her sweet cheeks.

Tonight Arlington had a Daisy Scout meeting. They made scrapbooks and worked on some songs. She seems to really like it. For all family – we will be selling Girl Scout cookies around Christmas, so if you are interested, let me know! Yum!!!

So a couple of funny things my own kids said this week:

Arlington- on Monday it was almost time for the babies to get up from their nap. I was heading up to their bedrooms to get them when Arlington started crying from her playroom. So I went down to see what happened thinking, “did she fall?” “did she cut something she shouldn't?” I go in, and she is sitting at her little table, just crying. I asked her what was wrong (I could see no physical evidence of problem) and she said “I lied”. “What?” I say, very confused. “I lied” she says again. Bewildered I ask, “about what? What are you talking about?” Still sobbing she says, “before, when you asked about who was bothering Cainan – I said it was Finley and it was me” Waaaaaaaa! Honestly, I was having a hard time not chuckling outloud. Why was she bringing this up now? Was she feeling guilty and it had overwhelmed her? Was she just tired? Anyway, it was weird. So we had a serious talk about lying (We are always reminding her that she will get in LESS trouble if she tells the truth) and then she was better. I have weird kids.

Also Arlington – in Sunday school they had to draw pictures of “Super Kids Save the day” - a kid helping another person. Here is what Arlington drew (the three funny ones): 1) A girl who turned purple – clothes, face, hair. Super kid helped turn her back to the regular color. 2) A girl got her head stuck in a Honey Pot. No idea how – but she is stuck! 3)A swarm of bees are around a kid (in the picture all you can see are the “dots” that are the bees). The super kid is going to chase the bees away. She is so weird!

Also Arlington – tonight at Daisy Scouts the girl's were asked if they had a nickname (you know like Isabella is Bella, Jennifer is Jen, etc). They get to Arlington and she says “my nickname is Monkey Princess.”. Sweet.

Finley – Mat was going through a book with her, and they came across a picture of a bee. Mat says to her, “What's that?” She says “bee”. Mat says, “what does a bee say?” Finley says, “won't my mommy be so proud of me”. What a riot! Kids are too funny.

Also Finley – we were outside collecting acorns (our maple tree is dropping them like nuts and they are starting to root). Finley said, “I am going to collect some of the meatballs”. She kept calling them meatballs, no matter how many times I told her what they were.

Cainan didn't say anything funny, but he did something funny. Mat was showing him that he could juggle and handed Cainan the balls. Cainan then proceeded to try and juggle doing the same moves at Mat – except the balls went everywhere. He did this a couple of times and just thought it was the funniest thing! I wish I could have taken a video. It was cute. Oh, and Cainan said his first 4 word sentence. “I want a car”.

So that is it. Oh, I want to remind everyone of the little boy of the family that I know. This little boy was in a tragic tractor accident. He is healing, but has a really long road a head of him. Here is his Caring Page: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/samuelphillipson

You can also visit their blog: PhillipSons
Please pray and think about him and his family in this trying time. If you don't remember, these folks just adopted this little boy about 6 weeks ago from Ethiopia. We know them through adopting out children from China last year. They are a wonderful family, but they need all the prayers they can get.

Enjoy the pictures!! Sorry I didn't have time to "fix" them!


The Murray Crew said...

Wow...so touching! Thanks so much for the tag and the sweet sweet words. It's great to read more about you and see your family. You're kids are beautiful, even in Stealers jerseys! =)

Go Colts!
The Murray Crew

Holly said...

The kids in their Steelers gear....just too cute! Thanks for sharing!

Dana said...

The kids are getting so big! They are just precious!

Lesley said...

I loved Cainan's sentence! Did he want a toy car or a real car? You might be in trouble.