Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fun Saturday

We had a really great day this weekend! But before I get to that, I will catch you up on the rest of our week.

The kids are all doing great! Cainan had another speech therapy on Friday and he did well. The staff tells us that he is much more talkative and forward when Finley isn't around. So they are trying to keep them apart during the day to encourage him to talk more. The school has been great at following the therapist advice and helping Cainan advance.

Arlington ran a low grade fever on Friday, but it was gone by Friday night. She didn't feel act sick at all the whole day. Who knows. She might have been just over heated. It never rose higher than 100, and it only did that once. She had been crying over something at preschool, and they took her temp, so I feel like it wasn't a "true" fever. I am glad because we had a fun/busy weekend ahead!

Finley is doing great. She is so cute sometimes. Finley isn't a great eater. So one night, she didn't finish her chicken and so I told her that she couldn't have (what she loves) a pretzel before bed. So time went on, we got closer to bedtime and she came to me and said "pretzel?" I reminded her that she didn't have dinner. She threw her hands up and said, "I dinner. no pretzel." Shrugged and walked away. Too funny! She also had her first pony tail this week! Although it is a really, really small one - I was happy! When you see the picture - don't mind her face...she didn't want to have her picture taken at that moment! Oh, and Finley has also named her favorite baby doll. She told us the other day her baby's name is Michael. We have no idea where that came from. Especially since it is a GIRL doll. But whatever! She calls "baby Michael" all the time. She is a hoot.

This week at work was fine. I started my hearing/vision screenings on Wednesday and between Wed., Thurs., Fri. I got all three 4th grade classes done. The kids are really fun and funny! IT gave me a little break from the every day routine of the office because I told the staff that unless the kid was bleeding profusely, throwing up or dying - they were not to send them to the office from 9-11am!! And it worked. :)

Friday night around 7pm, Mat's parents and sister Jess arrived at the house. We were very excited to see them. We hadn't seen them for awhile, and they haven't been to the house since the beginning of June. They were here when our yard was first starting to be excavated, and now they got to see the finished product. That was pretty cool. We just relaxed and visited Friday night. The kids were so excited before bed last night to see them - it was hard to get them settled!

Today we had a nice full day. We got up and had breakfast and Mat and Arlington went off to soccer practice. Mat's family and I and the babies left her about 1/2 hour later and went to watch Arlington play. Arlington loved the audience and MAt's family enjoyed watching her. Today was also picture day at soccer, and Mat's mom bought a picture of Arlington and her soccer team - so we thank her for that! :) After the practice we went to an apple orchard for some fun. We picked apples right from the trees, took a horse and buggy ride (which the kids really loved), picked a pumpkin (for the pumpkin seeds - carving one will come closer to halloween), walked through a hay maze, tasted some apple cider, and just had a good time. We were there until about 1pm. The babies slept some in the car, so they didn't really want to nap when we got home. But I had them lie down and rest for a few hours anyway. I think that helped some. While they were resting, we watched Penn State and West Virginia win their football games! (whoo, hoo!) and relaxing. After they woke up, we all went outside for awhile and enjoyed the yard and cool weather. Then at dinner time we went to a local seafood place called Abbotts. We had been there over the summer. It is really yummy, so we took Mat's family there today. We had a nice relaxing dinner and were home by 7pm. By then, Finley was really tired, so we had a little dessert (yummy apple pie we got from the apple orchard, and ice cream), and the kids went to bed. Now we are winding down for the evening.

So overall a great day - I took pictures, which are below. Aren't you proud??? Tomorrow Mat's family has to get on the road around 10am. We are going to go out for breakfast first at a local cafe that is yummy and send them on their way. We were glad they came, sad that the visit was short, but look forward to seeing them again.

So that is all! Overall, a very fun weekend. Tomorrow afternoon we will just be relaxing and getting ready for the week, and then tomorrow night - Steelers football! We are a football loving family! Go Steelers! And for my Jacksonville family - we hope they beat the Jags. (love you anyway).

Enjoy the pictures and see you Tuesday!! I am sorry I didn't have time to photoshop them all!

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