Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall coming to an end

(Part of our yard)

It is sad but true. Even thought fall doesn't "officially" end until December, the weather man has declared this the "last weekend for fall foliage". Sad. He said by next weekend we should notice that almost all the trees will be bare. Bummer. The weather has definitely taken a turn. There were a few warm days this week, but as of yesterday, the temperature hasn't gotten above 55. It is pitch black by 6:30pm (we are really far east - although it is still light in the morning around 6:30am). The nights are in the (gasp) 30s! I am a little worried that the day time high of 30 is right around the corner! Sigh.

(Tree in our front yard)

This was a pretty nice week. I love having a 4 day week and 2 half days on top of that! Wednesday was the second half day at my school's district. I had meetings in the afternoon with the nurses, but it is always nice to be with them. They are a really great group.

The kids had a pretty uneventful week. The babies both have colds - Finley's is worse than Cainan's. Finley has only been well about 1 week since she started school in August. Comes with the territory of daycare. And Finley has always been kind of a sickly child.

Nothing special happened this week - not much to report! I guess that is good. We had a nice day today. Arlington had her last soccer this morning and they just played games today - no practice. That was a nice change. The very last 20 minutes the coaches all decided to divide all the Kindergarteners in half (I think there are 4 Kindergarten teams in all) and let the kids play against each other in large groups. That was.......interesting. They mostly just ran around, carried on with each other, then scored a goal or two. It was cute, though, and the parents had a good time taking pictures. I took some and put them below. It was REALLY cold for soccer this morning - maybe about 45 degrees by the time it ended at 10:00. Everyone was well bundled! It was time for it to come to an end.

After soccer we came home to get warm. We were going to go to a corn maze, but with the babies having colds, I just wanted to get everyone inside for awhile. We will do that next weekend. Arlington, Mat and I played our new Wii while the babies played with their toys. We decided to get a Wii this year as a Christmas present (it is a little on the early side, I know) and it is so much fun. I love the exercise involved. And we have found that Arlington is VERY good at it. She loves it - and she whips our butts at the games! It is a lot of fun.

After the babies naps, we all went outside for a few hours to enjoy the sunshine and cool weather. We raked the every dropping leaves (it is an endless job), moved some more rocks to our growing rock wall around our property, and filled in some holes. Oh, and uprooted a tree we were tired of. So we got a lot of work done and the kids have fun outside. I took some pictures. Have I told you lately, that I love my house? There is a picture below of it as well. I love our house. It has perfect New England charm. I never want to leave it. Just wanted to throw that out there.

Tomorrow is church and then we are going to a craft fair afterwards at a local country gardens. That should be fun. We will spend the rest of the day resting and getting ready for the week ahead. At some point this week I also need to get the kids Halloween costumes. We found out that Arlington's Kindergarten is having a Halloween party as well as the daycare. Plus our neighborhood is apparently very fun to trick or treat in. So that will be fun. Halloween is not my favorite holiday - I just love the fall. But the kids enjoy dressing up and I enjoy eating their candy! Ha!

Funny story from Arlington - we are sitting around this evening after dinner and she comes over to us and says "why can't I make my eyes go different directions - like have one eye look to the left and the other eye look to the right?" "What?" we ask. "Well", she says "Santa watches us all the time. If you and daddy are sitting on the couch, and I am sitting somewhere else, how does he makes his eyes go different directions so that he can see me all the time and know if I am being good?" What a weirdo. We explain Santa's "magic" and that he doesn't do anything crazy with his eyes, and she relaxes. But then she says "well, I think it would be neat to be able to make one eye go to the left and one eye go to the right, so I want to ask for that for Christmas". Okay......

No real stories from my kids at school this week. I did have many visitors - in the 30s each day. The worst was one little girl who had a very large tick stuck to her head deep in her hair. Poor baby. I felt very bad for her. I was not keen on removing it, but I did! Poor thing. This is a big tick season for us, and ticks are bad around here as well. So I was not surprised to see it. But - yucky. I am working on becoming more involved in the workings of the school and staking my place. This school is in desparate need of a support system - there last 4 nurses were not good. (only lasting a year each). Everyone is on edge, and I am doing my best to keep the calm. I am lucky I have 4 other nurses in my district that have been there many many years to call on for support. PLUS - I also have some friends of my parents who are school nurses that are also great resources. So I am in a good place.

One last thing - today is my nephew's 1st birthday! Happy birthday baby "G"! We wish we were there to celebrate with our sweet little nephew. This is Carrie and Jonathan's little boy. I can't believe he is one already! We look forward to seeing him at Christmas time.

So enjoy the pictures below. There are some of Finley's hair in two pony tails! (little pixie). There are some of playing outside, some of soccer, and some of our yard. I will see all of you on Tuesday!

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