Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween/Happy Anniversary

Happy Halloween everyone! Even though this isn't my favorite holiday by far, the kids do enjoy it. The kids had a great time yesterday and I will share more on that in a moment!

This week went by fairly quickly. Wednesday we didn't do much after school, which was nice. It was the coldest of the days this week, so we were inside in the evening. Thursday Arlington and Mat attended a math a thon of sorts for Kindergarten through 2nd graders at her school. Mat said they had a great time. Arlington came home with all kinds of goodies. Mat was the right choice for this activity! They did math games and then physical math games and it was for 2 hours!

Friday was the school parties, the day care party and the trick or treat at night. The school party at my elementary school left me in peace and quiet for about 1 hour at the end of the day! From 2:30-3:30 - for the first time ever - I saw NO ONE. It was awesome. I got some work done, cleaned and neatened the office, and left on time! I loved it. I did watch the parade of costumes of the kids and that was fun. The babies and Arlington had a party at daycare before Arlington left for Kindergarten. They all wore their costumes and had good food and even got a little treat bag. Arlington also had a school party where she could wear a costume, so she took it in her bookbag on the bus. They had a little costume parade and goodies in the afternoon (Arlington's school only allows healthy treats, so no candy there!). Then in the evening at 6:15pm we went with our neighbors trick or treating through our neighborhood. It was fun. I think we went to between 10-12 houses before coming home. We were gone for about 2 hours. I only took the babies to two houses before returning them to Mat. Because we are in the "sticks" the street is safe, but not lit by street lamps, and it made it hard to navigate three little ones. Plus, the babies didn't care much. They had more fun here at the house handing out candy with Mat. AND - Cainan wanted nothing to do with a real costume. We looked into getting him one and he started pitching a fit and crying in the store when we tried it on him, so we chucked that idea. We wore his Steeler gear as his costume and that worked out fine. Finley was an angel (couldn't find a devil costume) and Arlington was Sleeping Beauty.

Anyway, trick or treating was fun. The neighborhood is well establish and everyone knows everyone else, and this gave us a chance to meet some more of our neighbors. I had no idea there were so many houses tucked in and around our street. We even got invited it a little Halloween party one of the houses was having, and that was fun. The kids used that house to take a break from the cold and walking to have some hot chocolate and some good eats. They had their fire pit going and it was warm. We appreciate our neighbor Michelle and their children letting us come along with them as we went through the neighborhood this year! I don't think we would have done as well without them!

Today is Mat and my 11th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe that 11 years ago - before 8 moves (4 different states even!), 3 kids, 2 dogs we were having a wonderful wedding day. I wish our scanner wouldn't have broken or I would have posted a wedding picture of us! Ah well. Time really does go by too quickly. We aren't doing too much today. Those three kids part, (and no family near by) makes it hard for us to get away on our actual anniversary any more. But we are having a delicious dinner in, and the next time company comes to call, we will take advantage of their generosity and go out just the two of us. I have everything I want today anyway - I don't need fancy presents, or reminders. I know what I have and how lucky I am. I spent my day outside with my kids - taking pictures of them laughing on the swings. I decided after reading a beautiful post on Bring the Rain (one of my favorite blogs) "You have no idea what you would miss if you let this pass you by..." that it is more important for me to just be with my family.

Plus - I have a lovely sinus infection and don't feel like doing much anyway. I have had a cold for a little while now, and yesterday afternoon my right side of my face and ear started hurting. This morning when I woke up, it was really hurting and I was having trouble chewing! Not good. And of course it is a Saturday. But urgent care isn't far off, so I went down there, talked with a really nice doctor, got some really nice antibiotics, and am veggin' on the couch. I don't feel bad other than my nose, cheek and ear hurt. So hopefully in a day or two I will be feeling much better.

I also want to say Happy Birthday to my Nanny Watson! Tomorrow (the 2nd) is her birthday! We don't get to see her very often, and look forward to seeing her again soon! We hope she has a wonderful birthday.

That is about it on this end! I have some pictures to share, of course! Tomorrow is church and then just a relaxing afternoon. We have been doing so much running around lately it is nice to just stay home. The weather is nice so we will have the kids outside quite a bit. This whole week is supposed to be fairly warm which is nice! We also have NO SCHOOL on Tuesday!! Whoo hoo! Around here there isn't school on election day. Speaking of which - make sure you get out in vote! No matter who your candidate choice is - you can't complain if you don't vote. The next time I write we will have a new president of the United States!

I leave with one cute thing a student said to me this week.

"Mrs. Pletcher, I am allergic to rocks" (Kindergartener)

Enjoy the pictures and I will see you on Tuesday!

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