Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today my parents arrived for their week long visit. We are happy to have them here. Mat left this morning for Philadelphia (which is why they are visiting at this time) and we are going to miss him very much. He is gone until Sunday, so it isn't too long. And he isn't far away this time, which is nice. But my parents arrived at 3:30 this afternoon and we have been having a nice visit ever since. This evening we have unpacked (they brough the kids a ton of clothes and books and etc!) and Grammy and Papa had a chance to play Arlington on the Wii, we had pizza for dinner and all the kids went to bed easily!

The weekend wrapped up nicely. We went to church on Sunday and we did a big grocery trip afterwards. School was fine for everyone on Monday. My kids at my school put on a performance for the Veterans Monday afternoon. They were crazy on Monday! Monday is always a busy day anyway since it is after the weekend. I had a very large amount of stomach aches come in on Monday. Not sure what that was about. We do have a stomach bug going around, but you know little kids! One kid in the class has it - 5 more do too! But the day went by quickly.

Monday was also my parent/teacher conference for Arlington. Just the routine yearly conference to see how she is doing. Her teacher had nothing but praise for her and thought she was doing exceptionally well and is ahead of the curve. She said she will be working on reading with Arlington and some others like her in the class, and learning how to figure out what vowel goes in the words. She is very impressed with what Arlington can already do and wants to continue to challenge her and have us do the same at home! Arlington and I have started working through her list of books - got a lot of them at the library.

So that is all the news so far! A good couple of days. Arlington did say something cute. We got her a new carseat so we have one for each car now. Anyway, it has a little cushion on the middle/back of the seat that is the shape of, well, a butt. It is a different color than the rest of the seat, so when Arlington saw it, she said (very excited) "look! The carseat shows your where to put your butt!".

The babies are doing well. I did an oops this morning. I was drying my hair and had it plugged into an outlet with a bunch of other stuff. I knew this was a mistake, and sure enough, it threw the braker and shut the power down. So I said "crap". Now, I know I use this word WAY too much. And Cainan was in the room with me and he said "crap" right after me! He continued to repeat it until I had to stop him! UGH! Hopefully he didn't say it at school.

So that is it! We have a busy week ahead. We are having a neutralizer placed tomorrow on our water system because our pH has been low on our water test. And Thursday the girl's have dentist appointments and Friday Finley has an eye appointment. Oh and Saturday Arlington starts basketball! So busy times ahead.

Enjoy the pictures and I will see you Saturday!

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anymommy said...

My first visit - your children are gorgeous! I really enjoyed all the pictures. Hope the visit is fabulous.