Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fast and Furious

This is what my week has been and what my post will be. I have had a long, fun - yet tiring - day, so I am not into posting too much today. I will recap quickly and post the few pictures I have.

This was a long week at work. Mostly I say that because we have been spoiled lately with vacations, snow days, half days. This was my first full 5 day week in awhile and I was feeling it by Thursday. I was getting whiny like the kids. I really love my job, but around Thursday I was ready for the weekend. I have some heavy duty stuff going on at work right now with some kids (one high anxiety girl who just started medication and one kid with OCD, PDD, ADHD, etc. that is on a roller coaster ride with his medication right now) that is taking up a large amount of my day. I also have an extremely emotional case of a girl whose parents are going through some rough times (to put it as confidentially as I can) that just makes me want to cry every time I talk with her. I see Arlington every time I talk with her and couldn't imagine how not being able to see a parent would make her feel. So, I was ready for Friday.

The kids are all doing great! Thursday Arlington had soccer again. Really loving going to that. I am glad for the outlet of her energy. Turning 6 has been hard on Arlington and she is testing the "emotional waters" and is becoming a little drama queen. She gets that from her mother and her indecisiveness from her father. Isn't she going to be a fun teenager?

Both babies are doing so well at potty training. Today, Cainan spent his first full day in underwear and didn't have one accident. He did GREAT! I was so proud of him and he gets so excited with praise. It is hilarious. He is also becoming quite the chatter box. FINALLY! He won't talk much when he plays with the girls, but when it is just he and I or Mat and him, he talks and talks. We have a hard time reading him a story because he talks the whole time. It is great.

Finley is herself. She is a cute as a button tornado. Today she and Cainan were painting and she said she was drawing a robot. This morning she was running all around in her underwear because she didn't want to get dressed and was having the time of her life!!

Thursday I had a meeting about our 1st annual family picnic at Salem School! I am really excited about it. I asked the President of the PTO a few months ago if our little school ever did an end of the year picnic/carnival, and she said no, but liked the idea. So a couple other moms, myself, and the PTO Pres. got together Thursday night to brain storm some ideas for a picnic/carnival, and we came up with many good things. I am excited to get started! We are going to have it in June and invite the school and the people from the town, and hopefully make it an annual thing that grows a little bigger each year.

Friday my parents came in to stay with me while Mat is out of town for a week. This is a long trip for him. I really hate the long ones, and I am happy for the company. It is nice to have some extra help witht the kids and a few days they don't want me - they want their grandparents! So I actually get some peace and quiet. Mat arrived safely to his destination Friday night and he will return next Thursday.

Today I did some shopping and ordered some new blinds for Cainan's room (finally), our room and the girl's room. Keeping the ones for the girl's room is up in the air, because theirs don't really need to be replaced, but Cainan doesn't have window coverings (besides the extremely attractive bedsheet that keeps the light out) and all three of our blinds in our room are broken. I also got the ceiling fan for the master bedroom. So no more dark cave life for us in there! The people that lived here before us weren't big on lighting. It was a fun shopping trip and I saved a ton of money with a coupon I had, so it was great!!! I love to bargain hunt.

So that is it. Not much to report, and like I said, I am beat! I will see you Tuesday! OR - if I can't get to you Tuesday because it is PTO - Wednesday.


Michelle said...

Go, Cainan! That is great news about the pottying and the talking (and so glad they aren't yet combined into potty-talk).

I know what you mean about the emotional little girl with the home problems. Matthew has a boy in his grade with similar challenges at home and it really affects him and how he works and how he interacts with other kids. You feel so sorry for them

Danielle said...

Sounds like a nutty week at school. Was it a full moon? cute pics! I haven't tried the crayola paint things yet- E doesn't like the other. Looks like fun. and don't worry- even though I have very high expectations for Eliza-I am not making her take out the trash- YET! :)