Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Docto's visits, screaming children, and soccer

What do these three things have in common?
Nothing. Except my children.

I am still a little behind with my blog, but I plan on catching up today. Aren't you excited? I knew you would be.

Let's see......when we returned from our visit from Pennsylvania, Mat was back from his business trip. Wednesday I had a doctor appointment, and was glad to have my parents here so I didn't have to take the kids.

Thursday - Arlington's allergist appointment. I was unlucky to have the one allergist who required three different appointments to get the answers we are looking for. For those of you who might be unaware, both of my daughters have food allergies. The have the dreaded nut and egg allergies. Arlington has tested negative two years in a row for nut allergy, so we are using this year as the one final check to see if she is truly past this allergy. If so, the allergist will do a "food challenge" in his office.

But I am getting ahead of myself. My mom and I took Arlington to her appointment. We expected her to get a scratch test, see the results immediately, and go home with all the information we needed. Not so. Now, just so you know, when I called to make the appointment, I specifically asked if I could have a scratch test at this appointment and I was told yes. I get there and it is a different story. "Oh no" the secretary tells me, "we never test on the first appointment". I kindly reminded her that isn't what she told me on the phone and she said, "well, I'm new". Nice save. Not really.

So we met with the doctor, he looked over Arlington, and decided she probably has seasonal allergies and wants her to have blood work done. Blood work?? I did not prepare Arlington for this. She is going to freak. So, we are told there is a blood draw center right across the street from the allergist. Oh- before we leave the allergist the secretary makes us not one, but two more appointments. One - for the results of the bloodwork and a scratch test. This will occur in two weeks after the blood work is in and we know what it says. Two - after she has the scratch test she needs to come back one week later so they can give us the results of the scratch test. Uh, huh? For any of you that have allergies and have had this done, the results of the scratch test are pretty clear. I will be able to tell right then and there thank you very much. No need to bill me for another office visit.

We left and went to said blood draw center and it was closed. It is only open in the mornings and it is now 1:30 in the afternoon0. So we had to drive 30 miles to the next closest center. (yeah, remember, I live in the sticks) Arlington does AMAZINGLY well with this blood draw. The tech is amazing with her and she told me she didn't even feel it. Thank goodness.

So we don't know what Arlington is allergic to at this point. So I will let you know that in 2 weeks when Dr. Moneybags meets with us again.

Thursday night we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant that we are starting to love. We had yummy food and walked aroun d the water before heading home for the night.

I thought this picture of Finley was pretty hysterical. Don't worry - that is Root Beer for all of you moms (and other people) who took a gasping breath. And it is empty. I would never give her soda. Nope, not me. The last thing she needs is more sugar. Besides - see who is giving it to her? Her Grammy. Who was drinking a margarita.

Friday - very busy day. It started early because Finley has an allergist appointment at 8am. Oh yeah - another stellar feature of this office. Can't bring siblings to the same appointment. Blood suckers. Anyway, we were early, and at 8:10, no one was at the office yet. I called and got the answering service. They called around and found out that we were supposed to be at their sister office about 30 miles away. Yeah, no one told me that. I let the secretary have it after this error. We got up really early and woke Finley to take her to this appointment and now, we were going to have to reschedule. Awesome. So, to make lemonade out of our lemon, we went to breakfast. That helped.

At 9:30am, all three kids had thier annual physicals. Thank goodness my parents were here to help me with the appointment because I found out that everyone needed shots. That was not welcome news to my eldest. She got herself all worked up with anticipation, that when it came time for the shot it took my dad and myself to hold her still. She got two and she wasn't pleased. Once they were done, she did utter "that wasn't so bad". Uh, okay.

Finley was a little better behaved, and Cainan just looked at the doctor and said "hey" but never moved and never cried. That was pretty interesting.

After lunch my mom and I headed to Boston for Cainan's annual cleft lip/palate clinic appointment. We are about 2 hours from Boston, so it becomes an all afternoon event for a 10 minute talk with the doctor. But, for once a year, it is worth going to Boston Childrens. Our doctor is awesome. Our appointment wasn't until 3pm, and we got there a little early, and STILL weren't seen until 4pm. Go figure. But we spent some time (and some meaning 10 minutes) with Dr. Awesome and he told us that unless Cainan was being teased by his nose (which is still a little crooked) they wouldn't touch it until his next major surgery between ages 8-10. So we will see how things go and make that decision either next summer or the summer after next to go forward with elective surgery to straighten his nose.

After our appointment, walked past Harvard Medical School which was right next to the hospital.

Then we took the T to Fenuil Park to walk around and have dinner.

After dinner, it was around 7pm, so we were hoping that rush hour was just about over. We rode the train back to the hospital and went home. Cainan took his first subway ride this day. He loved it.

We rode past Arlington Street, and so, of course, I had to take a picture.

Saturday and Sunday went by pretty quickly. We stayed busy with yard work and playing outside. Arlington did have a playdate at her friend "E"'s house on Sunday. Her friend "J" was there too. The girls had a blast playing together all afternoon.

Monday - Finley's rescheduled allergist appointment. Our neighbor Michelle was nice enough to have Arlington over to play with her kids while I took Finley to the appointment. That meant I only needed to manage Cainan. We got a completely different doctor this time and a completely different take on testing. We didn't have to have blood work done for Finley's allergies, which was a relief, and she has a scratch test scheduled for Thursday. After that, we can just talk to the doctor by phone - no need to come back in. Wow. Same office. Do these doctors even talk to each other???

Anyway, that was a huge relief since I had both kids with me.

Monday was also Arlington's first day of soccer camp. It is a week long camp for 1 1/2 hours a day. We did it last year, and she had a lot of fun. So far, so good this year. She is loving it, but it is really hot. It is from 3-4:30 in the afternoon - probably the hottest time of the day - and for the last two days, it has been in the 90s. But I get to chat with other mommies, and the babies have been good for the last two days, so that has helped.

Today was a relaxing day. Well, as relaxed as you can be with three kids who are about over summer vacation. I am in cleaning mode. I did the girl's bookshelf in their bedroom yesterday and neated that up. Worthless cause because in a few weeks it will be messy again. But today, we tackled the playroom. It was an all day job and I didn't even come close to finishing. I am cleaning up but also cleaning out. Reorganizing. Arlington did help for awhile. Then she got bored with that and started reading a book. Ah well.

Arlington found out who her first grade teacher was today. It was pretty exciting for her. She got who we were hoping she would have, Mrs. M. Her friend "J" is in her class, and we met a few other kids at soccer that will be as well. It was all the buzz at the soccer field today because everyone got their letters today.

Something Funny Finley did today. I was asking her a question about something she didn't have the answer to. So, instead of giving me a normal answer she looked at me and said , "want to see what I can do?" then she preceded to hold her nose and snort. What a weirdo.

Speaking of Finley - no news from Boston yet. I did talk to the office of Dr. Miracle (not her real name, of course. Although, that would be a cool Dr. name.....) and they received all of Finley's records. Even the ones from Florida. That, in itself, is a miracle. But the office assured me that they have everything and that they would be reviewing Finley's file soon. I was just glad to hear that I don't have to chase anyone down.

Until more happens - see you Saturday!

PS - My camera is still being worked on so please excuse the pictures from above.

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Carrie said...

I have never noticed Cainan's crooked nose. I'll have to look next time we see him. :) And I wish my kids were like Cainan when it comes to shots. That would be awesome!