Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A day in the Boring Life

So, this post is going to be short! Aren't you glad??? I know you are.

Not much to share at this time. We have just been busy with work and school and nothing exciting to post about or to take pictures off.

But the week is not over, and by the weekend I will have more to share. I promise.

I did want to post a picture of the bookcase Mat built in the girl's room. It is super awesome. It is not stained yet, but we probably won't do that until Christmas break, so he told me to load it up with books. I was grateful for that because my type A personality could not take the mess that was the books all over the floor for the last week.
Doesn't it look nice? He did a fantastic job. I love that it goes all the way to the ceiling because we need that much space for the books we already have. At least we have a little room for some new books. Next on the horizon - shelves and more shelves in the playroom.

Finley is in potty training bootcamp this weekend with my mother in law, and I am grateful. The girl doesn't listen to me at all, but she will listen to her gramma. I am hopeful that we will finish this once and for all. If not - she is off to a new family. Just kidding.
Cainan did not take a nap today for the first time in a long time, and he was completely wacky by dinner time. He couldn't even focus on what he was eating. I checked on him about 5 minutes after he has gone to be and he is already asleep. Poor fella.

There are no pictures of Arlington in this post because she was being a little ornery at bedtime, so she didn't get her picture taken. Next time.

So that is all. This week I have at least one more Christmas type thing I want to do and Saturday is our train ride on the Polar Express. We are looking forward to that. Mat comes home tonight from his quick trip, and I will be glad to see him. I haven't slept well the last two nights without him.

I will see you Saturday!

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Michelle said...

Nice job on the shelves!