Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Goodbye grass - see you in March

21 inches.

All in one night.
We love snow - don't get me wrong. It is pretty - much prettier than the brown grass.

But this is a bit much. It is going to be months before it melts. We have snow drifts up to 4 feet tall, and now very, very large piles of snow where we had to dig out the driveway.

Our very nice neighbor used his snow blower to do our driveway.

Isn't it cool looking - how it cuts the snow like that?

The kids loved it. Cainan scared me half to death in the morning when he looked out of his window and then proceeded to come screaming in our room "It's Christmas!" at the top of his lungs. I was sound asleep.

We have to work on "how to tastefully wake your parents" with that boy.

After swallowing breakfast, and spending 1 hour getting all three kids in their snow gear, we went out to start digging out.

It was still snowing lightly when we went out, but it didn't last long. The damage came all in the hours while we were sleeping.

Finley likes the snow - for about 10 minutes. She went out, ate some, and then wanted to come back inside.
No way - after getting her all dressed up - was I going to allow her back in the house after a few minutes.

She settled and did stay out for an hour playing around. She went back and forth between playing and sitting in the van watching.

Cainan had a great time. Last year he didn't want to be outside hardly at all. This year, he didn't want to go inside!

He did fall forward a few times, and proceeded to get stuck face down in the snow. He couldn't budge in all of those snow clothes.

Arlington had a blast, of course.

She spent the longest outdoors. She wasn't cold at all.

She ate a ton of snow. I didn't have to feed her lunch.

Just kidding.
She went down the slide because it was covered in snow and it just. looked. fun.

And of course we broke out the boogie board sled. Arlington went down the driveway over and over until we finally made her come inside.

Yes the snow is cold and wet and annoying. But to the kids it is beautiful and fun and it never lasts long enough.

That is how we spent our Sunday!

Monday it was back to school and work. Arlington's school had a 90 minute delay. Mine, however, went right on time. The roads were clear, so really there wasn't an excuse, but it would have been nice.

This morning the kids were playing with an old train set that we have before school.

They are funny about old toys - they can be under a bed for a year and then all of the sudden, they are the most exciting toy we own.

Today was our last full day of school/work this week. Very exciting to know that vacation is near! Arlington's class had a breakfast this morning for their Christmas party.

Mat went to the party and Arlington was thrilled to have a parent there to share the party with.

They had all kinds of yummy breakfast foods. There was even another dad there, which I am sure made Mat feel better.

This is Arlington's teacher doing something with the class.

She is a wonderful teacher and we are thrilled Arlington is in her class. She is a perfect fit for our girl.

Tonight was my nurse's Christmas dinner/get together. We had a great time. We tried not to talk shop much, but usually when we are together, we have to talk business as well. But it was nice to see them.

So that is all. May all of you have a wonderful holiday. We are all looking forward to being together here at our house for 11 days without interruption. It is going to be great.

See you Saturday!

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