Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Guest Blog Post by Arlington

Arlington and  Mat went to a demolition derby and fireworks show at a local place the other night.  It was......interesting.  We knew Arlington would love it, so that is why they went.  So - since not much is happening right now, except that it was 105 degrees today, I thought I would let Arlington tell you about it.

Daddy and I went to see a monster truck show and fireworks.

First there was a ski race.  Well the cars had the skis as back wheels.  Instead of back wheels they had skis.  And we all took a vote.  Daddy picked 229 I think?  Car 229.  I picked car 84.  Then a police car came out and kept running into the cars and having them spin.  At the end 84 won right before the police car hit him.  I wanted him to win because he had a stuffed animal on the side of his car.  I like stuff animals.  I think it was a wolf.

After that was the bowling.  This took very long.  There were 3 teams.  The animals team was the one who lost.  Well animal is short for the car 84.  There was a partner with him.  He would go backwards.  But they didn't win.  Another guy won.  I forget their name.  The way the game worked was they would set up bowling pins which were cans - like the big ones you see on the road - and then the cars would knock them down.  And some would get a spare and some would get a strike.  The longest was setting the cans back up.  And that is it.

Oh yeah....then we went to go get ice cream.

Then came the flag pole race.  I forget how this worked.  Oh yeah - all the cars would go around a big tire in the middle of the course.  The car would have to go around it one time.  One car - 777 - he, well, another guy lost his tire, and 777 kept being silly and he didn't want to run the race - he just wanted to run over the tire.  He was too far behind so he lost.  They had to go one lap around the thing - the tire - before they finished one lap they would have to....uh.....go around the tire one time.  And they went around 8 times, and who ever finished first and the end was the winner.

 Then it was.......the motorcycles.......maybe the motorcycles were before the flag pole.  No.....they were after the flag pole race.  Um.....and....they were doing cool tricks.  Wait - THAT is when we went to go get the ice cream.  We didn't get to see all the tricks because the ice cream line was VERY long.

 Some of the tricks were the guy on a motorcycle would plop up on his legs and then he would not put his feet on his pedals.  Then he got off and he would push stop and go at the same time.  He then spun in circles making big smoke until his back tired popped off.  I had no idea how he was going to get home because he lost his tire.

 Then there was the demolition derby.  Some of the beat up cars went in it and kept getting more beat up.  The winner would be the one that was still alive at the end.  Well, and, it was the most beat one.  Its back bumper fell off.  Well almost - it was hanging by a string.  How they got out is that a giant truck came that had little hands and would pick up the cars and put them in a row.  There was this guy that looked like another guy - I thought they were twins - and they were riding in the cars.  And the guys tried to get out but couldn't, so another guy had to run behind him because his car that fell apart.

 There was a little kid that helped pick up the stuff from the cars.  He brought it over to a place - I don't know what it is called - but....... (I lost her)

 Then there was a trailer race.  This went on until all the trailers were knocked off the back of the truck.  Or until they ran out of gas.  The last one alive would win.  There was one truck that had a giant camper attached to it.  And there was one that only had two wheels behind it.  There was a guy who said "I'm losing my cool".  That is what the sign on the side of his truck said.  I hoped he would win, but everyone else wanted him to lose.

 The first trailer that got knocked off - guess what?  It was the camper one.  It got crushed to pieces and you could see inside of it.  One guy - nobody touched him and his trailer fell off.  That was really fun.

 And guess what?  The winner was "I'm losing my cool".  I hoped he would win.

 Then the fireworks.  The first ones were very loud.  And then came the second ones.  BAM!  We stood up, but we could sit down if we wanted to.  So I sat with daddy.  There were a lot of kids there.  Most of them were sitting down.  I thought mommy could hear the fireworks all the way back at our house since it was so loud.  These went on for awhile.  At the end, all the fireworks shoot up at the same time.  Then there would be a little break, and then they would shoot up lots.  This went on for awhile.  I liked the parts where they shot up lots and lots.

 My first favorite was the demolition derby.  My second favorite was the skiing.  Third was the trailer race.

The end.

See you Saturday!!

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The Kovalls said...

First - Arlington's hair looks so cute in these pictures!

Second - You only posted today so you could play with your new photo program :-)