Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So this week, I started working on the braille shirts that I wanted to make to get the word out for Braille awareness.  My LCA mommy friend Jennifer Stevens gave me this awesome idea, and I thank her for letting me share it!

( This one says "Grammy" - for my mom)

I have made quite a few shirts so far, and I am having a lot of fun with them.  I wanted to put the examples of what I have made so far here on the blog, so you could see!

(This one says "Finley's Fighters)

I am doing it to help raise money for the RDH12 Fund for Sight we started on Finley's behalf.  All profits go to our Fund - so if you want one, I would be happy to make you one!  I can get all kinds of colors, but if you want short sleeve, your time might be limited (although I am not sure).  With the cool weather coming in quick around here, short sleeve shirts will soon be leaving the shelves.

 (This one says "GiGi" for my grandma)

All are t-shirt material.  I can braile ANYTHING you want - any saying.  It can be in uncontracted braille (where I braille each letter) or contracted braille, if you want something long written (which is short hand braille).  Either is fine!  I can do other things as well - hats or bags, or cards, or onsies, etc.  Anything really!  The shirts are the only thing I have prices for at this time, but if you contact me (by leaving a comment, or emailing me) we can talk about other projects.  All my beads are black right now, but I will be ordering other colors so stay tuned.

(This one I can't share what it says because it is a present someone made for someone else - who reads the blog!)

Shirts are $15, and kids shirts (10 and under) are $10.  I am going to put an order form on here, and then on the website, so you can order right online.  You can either pay through paypal, or you can send check or cash.  But these will make a LOT of money for the Fund, so if you are interested, contact me!

 (This one says "Aunt Tricia")

Getting the word out about braille awareness is very important.  And these shirts are custom made, and unique!  And they are fun too!

 (This one says "see the light" - my Aunt came up with that for her shirt!)

Also - if you are planning on walking with us in October, don't forget to get your Finley's Fighters shirt.  You can order here on the sight - just look at the left hand top of the blog.  You you can go HERE (to the website) and order.  Or you can contact me or my mom and let us know.  Even if you aren't walking and would like a shirt, just contact us.  The more people we have in Finley's Fighters shirts, the more the word will get out about what we are doing for our little girl!

 (This one says "Steelers" - since we are huge fans - I know most of my family will want this!!)

Keep updated with the Finley's Fighters website.  Mat is almost done making our RDH12 Fund for Sight website, so we will be putting that out soon. There you can donate directly to the fund and learn more about LCA and RDH12.  The website is looking good and is almost ready!

 (This one says "Arlington" for our girl)

So, help us find a cure for our little girl.  Every little bit helps.  And the more Finley's Fighters is out there - whether in a form of a shirt, or a car decal, etc. - the better our chances of getting awareness!

Thanks for your help!  See you Saturday!

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The Kovalls said...

These are so cute - minus the Steeler shirt! I can't wait to wear mine :-)