Sunday, February 5, 2012

When you live with a Scientist

Today, Mat came up with an idea he wanted to try with the kids. 

He read this article HERE (click on the word "here" and read this enlightening piece of news)

Basically a guy was suing because he found a dead mouse in his Mountain Dew, and Pepsi says that there is no way it would have even been recognizable because the mountain dew would have turned the mouse into a gelatin blob.


So, Mat - being a scientist - decided he wanted to try this experiment for himself.  Great. 

He came home with a ton of soda and other products from the store today, and a package of raw chicken wings.  He got some bell jars and dropped the chicken in the jars.
Then we filled each jar with a different liquid.  One choice was Monster energy drink.  It smelled like beer.  Don't drink that stuff.
One jar was a control.  Which was water. 
So now we wait.  I asked how long.  Scientist Mat has no idea.
All I know is that I have these belle jars filled with various liquids and raw chicken in the basement - with lids on of course - waiting..........
The kids are going to be interested in seeing what happens.

Don't you all wish you were me?  Come know you do.

In other news,

Scooby put a hole in his favorite stuffed animal today.  There was fuzz carnage all over the floor.
He is looking very guilty in this picture, is he not?

The kids got a chance to enjoy about a 1/2 hour of the Super bowl before they went to bed.  I gave them a bath and they came down and munched on chips and other goodies and watched some of the commercials.
I spent most of the evening working on donation letters, and I am excited about some of our prospects and hope they come about.  We shall see!


Anonymous said...

You live in a scary house- love Mom

The Kovalls said...

You are one lucky lady :-)