Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blog slacker

I have been slacking off this week.  Not much to report here - just waiting for the crazy weather to settle down.

We are getting snow tonight, but light snow thank goodness.  It looks like New York and New Jersey are in it for a long night again.  I pray that they get through it with the power on this time.

My mom is in visiting us this week, so my blog posts will be few and far between until she leaves.  We are busy in the evenings catching up.  It is always nice to have company.  Tonight she and I even lit a fire all by ourselves!  (Mat was away on business) and did so successfully.  We were very proud.

Everyone is doing well.  Kids are staying busy.  They are getting excited for the upcoming holidays and our trip to Disneyworld at the end of this month.

We were happy about the outcome in yesterday's election.  I don't make my political beliefs known much on this blog because this is a place I come to make a journal for our family and talk about Finley.  But as a liberal democrat, I was happy yesterday.  I was happy the last 4 years.  And even the 4 before that, and the 4 before that.  No matter who won yesterday, my plan was to wake up this morning and do what I do everyday:  get three kids ready for school, work on making our Foundation great, help prevent Finley from going blind, help with homework, play with the dogs, complain about how many leaves are still in the yard.  Everyday tasks won't change. 

So that is why I am happy.  I am happy with the life I have, and a president isn't going to change that.

So for all of you who felt that yesterday was a huge loss for our country, I hope you come to realize that it only is if you let it.  Go out and make your world what you want it to be.  Don't sit and complain what this group of people or that group of people are doing/not doing, believing/not believing.  Worry about you and what you are going to do TODAY.  And only today.


Anonymous said...


I am ALWAYS happy to hear when someone is happy with the life they're living in, how they live on the better side of life, even if all seems lost in one way or another.

I am happy for families who love eachother, for insperation.... wherever it may come from and that the human- spirit can always pick itself up out of the gutter and bloom into a beautiful flower.

I know God knows where each of us stand in our lives and HE wants our lives to become better in so many ways. Because...he

Keep smiling!

The Kovalls said...

Amen, sister!

The Kovalls said...

Amen, sister!