Saturday, November 10, 2012

Is it Saturday night already?

Today I took my mom back to the airport.  After a few fun filled days, she has gone back home to be in peace and quiet, and has left me here alone with three kids and 2 dogs.

Do you think she feels bad?  No she does not.

I am just kidding.  Although, I am jealous of her now peace and quiet.

Mat is due back in this evening from California.  His plane was delayed, of course.  For those of you who might be new to my log (shout out to the new readers who are leaving comments!  I love comments!) almost every time Mat flies, he is delayed.  It is kind of freaky.  He comes up against something almost every time.  He has gotten smart and stopped booking trips with layovers because he rarely makes them.

So, today was no exception.  He sat on the runway for 1 hour and 15 minutes before the plane took off.  I am pleased to say that now he is in the air and on his way home.  It will be after midnight before he is here in the house, but I know he will be happy to be home.

My mom and I got a lot done while she was here.  She helped me clean out my closet and now I am donating over 60 shirts to Goodwill.  It was time to go through them.  I have been pushing them aside for years, and that is just silly.  Someone else will enjoy them.

We cleaned out the bathroom medicine closet.  This was not fun, but it looks much better.  My mom is a freak when it comes to organization, so she was a big help.  This morning she was looking for more things to do.  She is wacko.

This afternoon the kids got to play with their friends.  The weather is nice here in the north east for the first time in over 2 weeks, so outside they went for several hours.  Even the dogs got to spend several hours outside which they have not gotten to do much lately either.  hopefully everyone will be tired come bedtime and I will get some peace and quiet this evening.

Tomorrow will mark two weeks until we go to Disneyworld as a family.  This is not our first trip, but we are no less excited.  I love watching the kids there.  I know as they get older they won't enjoy it like they do now, so I plan on enjoying every minute watching them take in the magic.  And dressing them in adorable outfits.  I have never done that before, but Mat tells me this is our last trip to Disneyworld for awhile (sob) so I am making it worth it.

Since I don't have pictures to share of the kids, I thought I would share the outfits they will be sporting for our week in Disneyworld.  You are welcome.  All were made by people from Etsy shops. 

Day one (Magic Kingdom):  Finley's first (notice she has a matching hair bow and socks for each day!!), then Cainan, then Arlington.

 Arlington's favorite ride is Splash mountain:

Day Two (Animal Kingdom):  Arlington first, then Finley, then Cainan:

Day Three (Hollywood Studios):  First is Arlington, then Cainan, then Finley:

 Check this hair bow - it is so cool:

Day Four (Epcot):  Arlington first, then Cainan, then Finley:

 this one the lady made a doll dress to match - so cute:

Day Five (Magic Kingdom and Mickey Christmas Party):  Arlington, Cainan, Finley:

 My favorite of all the handmade hair bows:

Arlington has an extra shirt, so here it is.  She will probably wear it the day we arrive or the day we leave:

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Anonymous said...

What awsome outfits---so adorable!

Have fun!
Shayla M.