Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Marathon shopping

We interrupt this family blog to bring you one of my favorite subjects.


I love to shop.  My husband will tell you that his retirement is somewhere in the mall.  This is not true - don't listen to him.  I am a bargain shopper.  To the END.  I never pay full price for anything, and I love me some hand me downs/yard sale finds.  I am not proud.

What I DON'T love to shop for?  Groceries.  For the love that is all good - what is wrong with people when they go to the grocery store?  Do you really need to stare at a can of soup for 10 minutes before deciding it wasn't what you wanted at put it back?  And I don't dare go to the lunch meat counter.  That is not for the faint of heart.

Mat used to do all the grocery shopping.  Then I became a stay at home mom, and I had to introduce myself to the grocery store.  I have no idea where anything is, AND when I find it, it doesn't seem to make sense why it is there.  It is frustrating, and I get a weeks worth of exercise looking for the things I need.

And then, there is holiday grocery shopping.  I am hosting Thanksgiving this year with my in-laws coming in.  I wanted to make it really great, so I put together my list, and off I went.  I have never seen so many empty shelves.  Bread - forget about it.  Apparently the end of the world is coming and everyone is going to survive on bread.

I was gone for 4 hours.  4.hours.  I had to hit three stores to get all the things on my list, and it wasn't a very long list.  At least I got everything I needed.

Now, Friday?  I will be all over the crazy.  I LOVE black Friday shopping.  My husband does not love that I love it, but it is just so much fun.  I don't ever buy much because I am a true Amazon shopper, but I do like to go out early in the morning, get my fix of really great deals.  One year someone paid me $20 for my parking spot.  I MADE money.  How can you say that wasn't a win?

So Thursday I will search the ads.  Make a game plan.  Then bright and early on Friday, I will head out.  I will be home before the family even gets out of their pajamas.  I am that good.

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Anonymous said...

I love to bargin shop and go thrift shopping too!
Have a great time.
Your Friend,
Shayla M.