Saturday, October 5, 2013

Another Successful Event

I have been a bad blogger this week!  I cannot believe I haven't been on all week.  This was a busy one.  My parents came in for a visit on Wednesday and we left Wednesday night to go to Long Island, New York for a fundraiser.

Our RDH12 family - the Fiore family - held a fundraiser on Long Island this past week, and we went to help out.  We had a great time.  Mat couldn't get away from work, so my mom and I went.  I am so glad we did - we had a fantastic time! 

The event was extremely successful for our foundation, they raised $35,000 to put toward our cure for RDH12 LCA.  We were blown away.

My mom took a few pictures while we were there, so I wanted to post them.  Enjoy!

Getting set up for the day:
 Baskets for the Basket raffle:
 Where we would eat:
 The ladies:  Maria (Bella's mom), me, Maria's Mom, Mike's mom (Bella's dad), my mom:
 Golf balls they gave the golfers:

 Selling basket raffle tickets:
 The brunch spread:
 My mom being a goofball:
 Some of the guys:  Two of Bella's uncles and her two grandpas:
 The golf carts all lines up to go:
 Maria and I relaxing:
 Having a late lunch with Bella, Ava and Anthony:
 The dinner after the event:

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thanks for sharing the pictures, it looks great!