Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Finley's class

Finley's teacher has a blog that she keeps up so we can get peeks inside the school day.  I love this - Cainan's teacher does it too.  It is great because little kids are the worst at telling us what goes on during their school day, so I love being able to see them "in action".

Finley's teacher has taken to having Finley in her class and turned it into a teaching tool for kids with disabilities.  It is really wonderful, actually.  I was happy to hear she was going to embrace Blindness awareness month.  We went in to meet with her last Friday and around her room were all of these things about Helen Keller, Braille, Therapy Horses for the vision impaired - all of these discussions she had with the class.

Then all the kids did a project on blindness.  And Finley got to share her braille bookmarks.  And then Finley and her Teacher for the Vision Impaired (TVI) taught the kids about braille, and how to use the brailler.  Then they did an activity on braille. 

It is nice because it takes the mystery out of the mystery.  Most of these children - if they didn't have this opportunity, and have Finley in their class - would not ever see Braille up close, or get a chance to understand what some of those dots mean, so what a brailler looks like.  So, it makes us happy that they have a chance to learn about vision impairment and what it means for their friend.

So - I am attaching the link to the teacher's blog, here. 

You will really enjoy it.  Oh, and the woman that is with Finley in the picture - that isn't her classroom teacher.  That is her Teacher for the Vision Impaired - Mrs. L.  She.is.hands.down.the.best.  She is never allowed to retire or to leave us.  She is Finley's team leader, and we would be lost without her.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing with me the cool link! It's so cool to see Finley being happy with her friends!