Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkin Picking 2013

It is that time of year again.  I wonder when the kids will be too old, and think getting pumpkins is more of a chore and no longer fun.

For now, I have three eager children who love to walk through the pumpkins to find that perfect one.  Sunday we got our pumpkins, carved them out, and put them out on the porch.  It is the one Halloween tradition we don't mind.

Enjoy the pictures:

 Finley was determined to take home the most "Charlie Brown" looking pumpkin:

 She also wanted to clean them all:

 She finally found the one!
 Then she tried to go around the patch and stand them all up.  We had to get her out of there.

 We told her if she could carry it - she could have it:

 The three little Halloween monsters:

 Arlington was not pleased that she had to put her hands in the pumpkin:

 Mat was in charge of carving:
 She started to get into her role of being disgusted

 Finley didn't mind it.  Although she told us she was sad she was removing the pumpkins "Brains"
 Such a boy:

 All three being "grossed out"
 The finished product.  Arlington didn't WANT a face on hers:

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Anonymous said...


Cool pumpkins! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures :)

Friend, Shayla