Thursday, October 17, 2013

Finley Reading Braille

Finley does not like me to video tape her.  But after a little convincing, I talked her into reading one page out of the book we were working in tonight.  Each night she practices reading a book of her choice in braille.

Finley struggles with reading.  Unlike Arlington and Cainan, it has not come easy to her.  She has trouble with decoding big words and with fluency.  (both print and braille).  We don't worry much about this because we know it will come with practice.  And she is getting extra reading help at school. :)

So, we try to make it fun.  I have made a binder of all of the braille books her TVI has made for her.  Her TVI (being a genius) figured out long ago that Finley needed picture books along with the braille.  She is very visual, and likes to study the pictures before she starts reading braille.  Since she still can, it really helps motivate her to read.

So, the teacher did a pain staking job of copying books they were reading in class and then did a braille overlay over all of the words.  Like I said - she is amazing.

So we have a nice little library of these books, and she likes them.  It is not a choice for her to read one every day, and she does so without complaint.

So - here is a short video of her showing off her skills.  Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Finley for letting me watch you read, that is something very special to be able to read print and braille! That was a very wonderful job!

Thank you!