Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Month, New Glasses

Today, we picked up Finley's new glasses.  As you may recall, when we went to the eye doctor last week, her prescription had changed, so I told her she could get new glasses to go along with that change.  She was thrilled.

So - I let her pick them out.  Ever let a 7 year old who can't see well pick out her glasses?  You get.....interesting choices.  I let her try every pair on, and these are the ones she loved the best.

They are a bit funky, but they fit her personality.  The eye doctor was funny when she saw her choice.  She said "oh!.......these".  Yes, that is the word.

The name is "confetti".  She was so excited to get them.  Whatever floats her boat.  And makes her wear them.

They have transitional lenses just like her old ones, but she will still wear the sunglasses when she goes outside.  We picked them up before she went to art class today, and her art teacher - who is a little bit funky herself, loved them and doded on Finley when she saw them.  That made her day.

She will be excited to go to school on Monday and show them to her friends!

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