Saturday, February 15, 2014

11th Birthday

Today - Arlington turned 11 years old.  It is really hard to believe.  In honor of her birthday, I looked back through her pictures from birth until now.  She has lived in 4 states and has crossed the country.  She has had quite a life full of adventure so far, and we know it will continue.

To the girl who made me a mother, we are so proud of her.  We can't imagine life without her.

First day on earth.  She hardly closed her eyes.  Born in San Diego, CA
 First birthday.  Lived in San Diego, CA

 Second birthday - just moved to Palm Beach Gardens, FL

 Third Birthday - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Fourth Birthday - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Fifth Birthday - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Sixth birthday - Salem, CT
 7th Birthday - First American Girl doll.  We lived in Salem, CT
 8th Birthday - Salem, CT
 Ninth Birthday - Massachusetts.
 10th Birthday - Mass.
 11th Birthday - Mass.

 Opening her presents from the family.
 Wanted Mexican Food for Dinner.
 The Restaurant sung to her - she was thrilled!

 Had a small party in Pennsylvania.  She picked this chocolate cake that was really yummy.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Arlington!!
Have a wonderful day :D

friend, Shayla