Monday, February 3, 2014

Basketball Playoffs

Today was Arlington's basketball team's first playoff game.  They have won enough games this season to move on to the playoffs.

Does it make me a bad parent to wish they would have lost so that the season can be over?

She enjoys basketball, and we love watching her play.  But I am ready to not have to go to late night practices and a game every Saturday for a little while.

But - they won, and we were proud of how well she - and her whole team - played.  She has come such a long way through the season.  She went from not knowing how to play at all, to understanding the rules, to playing a little aggressive and really trying.  It was fun to watch her grow.

I took the camera tonight because Mat has been to most of her games, so I haven't seen her growth.  I was very impressed with how she played.

Enjoy the pictures!


Anonymous said...


Good job Arlington!! Great pictures 2 thank you for sharing :)

Friend, Shayla

Anonymous said...

How are the littles doing these days Mrs. Pletcher? All the best to you and your family!